July 11, 2013

Minion Toys!

I finally got myself two of these Mcdonalds' Despicable Me 2 minions toys! These adorable characters are selling like hotcakes in Malaysia! Some places were out of stock within hours on the day they were released! For a whole month period, each week Mcdonalds are releasing a new batch of minions. I missed out on last week's minion Tim and Dave (I love Dave! He's soooo cute!) but I managed to get myself minion Tom and a purple minion (I don't remember who it was before if got changed into purple minion...)!

Say Hello to Tom and err... Purple minion?

I didn't notice Tom much in the movie but isn't he adorable? With those cute little hair stubble, haha!

Not everyone would find the purple minions as cute I think but I love how funny they are in the movie! They have another set of language in the movie and they seem overreacting towards certain situations which I find it so hilarious!

Tom grabbing my finger~! Aww~! *melts*

Purple minion doing what a purple minion does lol! Finger chomp!

Have you watched the movie yet? I find the second movie as interesting as the first one! In fact I love this one better with an addition of the character Lucy which in the end was *coughs* *spoiler* married to Gru! *coughs* It's great as a family movie as it portrays a harmonious complete family. The part where Agnes made a toast during the marriage celebration was so warm and heart-touching! The minions were of course, as funny as usual which livens up the whole movie theater! I would watch it again many many times!

Do watch the trailer below if you haven't watch the movie!

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