July 12, 2013


Hello again! Since I've officially withdrawn from college, I'm now resuming my nail art classes! To be honest, I haven't touched most of my nail art stuff for months already and my skills have pretty much rusted... I'm still quite interested in it so that's good! :D

Here's a selca~

I've been wearing wigs in most of my pictures lately because my hair looks terrible right now... It's rather dry and stays out of place all the time. And I haven't got it coloured since February so now my roots are so visible. (;_;) But I'm going to get my hair dyed two weeks later! I don't know what hair colour I'll get yet but I'm excited for a change! :D See you soon my new hair colour!

This weekend I'm planning to post a tutorial on gradient lips! :D I'm trying to come up with ideas of what tutorial I should post about! I want to have a stream of interesting posts which I would enjoy sharing about and you sweeties would enjoy reading! If you have any ideas do leave me a comment! <3

It's been a rather quiet week for me so I hadn't got much to post about so that's all for now~!

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