June 8, 2013

Nail Art - Filing

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants beautiful nails yet unwilling to spend bucks at the manicurist, right??? Nails grow out fast and before long, the money you have spent on beautifying them will be gone. I will be posting several tutorials on basic nail art skills, which will show you how you can decorate your own nails at home! :D

To get started on Nail Art, first you will need to learn the right way to file nails!

The basic nail shapes are Square, Squoval (combination of square and oval), Round, Oval and Diamond!

Square, squoval, oval and diamond are recommended for longer nails. If you have shorter nails, round is recommended but you can also try squoval too! :D

The tools you need for filing are a smoother file (240 grit), a cushion file (180 grit) and a nail clipper of course!

Before you start filing your desire shape, trim your nails to your desire length or leave it, if you plan to grow them longer.

Grits represents how rough a nail file is. The lesser the grit, the rougher it is! For example, a grit of 100 is much rougher than a grit of 240. It's important to keep in mind that using a grit lesser than 180 will damage your nails! Also, there is a difference between cushion files and non-cushioned files! Cushion files have a foam layer in between to lessen the pressure applied when you file your nails. Non-cushioned files are usually used to file areas which are hard to get into such as the edge of your toenails. :)

To hold a nail file, place four fingers on top and your thumb below. Just a firm hold is okay so that it's easier for your file to move around when you file your nails! :D

Filing Square or Squoval nail shape!
1. First, place your file parallel to your nail and file until it is straight.
2. Place your file parallel to the side edges of your nails and file them straight.
3. File a little of the corners of the nails for square shape to keep them less sharp. For squoval, file a little bit more to achieve a rounder corner.
4. Lastly, smooth the edges of the nail with a smoother by filing upwards then downwards and along the edges.

Ta-da! Square and squoval nail shape! :D

Filing Round nail shape!
1. First, cut off a bit off the corners if you had squarish nails.
2. Start filing from the side edges and work your way to the middle.
3. Move your file along the round edge a few times to smooth the curve line. Finish up by smoothing the edges with a smoother with the same steps as how you smooth the square and squoval nail shape. :)

Round nail shape is done!

Filing Oval nail shape!

Oval nail shape is similar to round nail shape, it's just that you cut of a bit more of the corners compared to round shape.

Oval nail!

Filing Diamond shape nail!

For diamond shape, cut off the corners completely! Make sure that the mid point is at the middle! File file file~!

Diamond shape nail is done! :D

There~! All five nail shapes are done! :D

Filing is pretty easy to master. Just practice a few time on artificial nails then on your real nail and I'm sure you're good to go! On days when you don't apply nail polish, filing itself will make your nails look prettier already :D Good luck trying!


  1. Very informative post :)
    I'm a mess with my nails, so your post will come in handy :D

  2. Atomic Nony- I wish you the best! :D I will be posting more tutorials on nail care and nail art soon :)