June 10, 2013

Konata Izumi @ C2age


Cosplayer- Hanie
Series- Lucky Star
Character- Konata Izumi

Photo by Bubblegraphy

Photos by Razrig

Surprisingly both pictures that I got from both photographers I met at C2age posted up my picture with the same pose! :D I only have photos of my cosplay for C2age on Day 2 so far. The first photo was taken by my friend who has just started her photography page, Bubblegraphy! Do support her! :D The second photo was taken by Razrig whom previously took photos for my Erio cosplay as well! Thank you for the photos!

More updates on C2age coming soon! (^^)


  1. Sooo nice! U look pretty :)

  2. I hope you had a lot of fun at the event!

  3. aMz88- Thank you :D

    Ricademus- I sure had! :D C2age was really fun :D