June 29, 2013

GEO Color Nine AN-A49 Blue Review


Hello lovelies~! Previously I have blogged about GlassesOnline.com.my. They are an online shop selling sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses. If you haven't read it yet, click here to read!

GlassesOnline has kindly sent me a pair of lenses for review purposes! :D

GEO Color Nine AN-A49 Blue
Diameter :14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Material :HEMA
Water Content :42.00%

Natural Lighting

Colour/design: ★★★
These blue lenses are indeed blue! When I fist saw the lenses in the containers, I thought, maybe these won't show up that well after all. But I was wrong! The blue stands out so well! As for the design, I didn't find it very special. Instead of a solid black rim, the design of these lenses are made up of many tiny dots! No, they don't look pixelated, just dots~

Indoor Lighting


Comfort: ★★★★★
I always have no complains on the comfort aspect for Geo lenses! As usual, they are really comfortable!

Enlargement: ★★
At 14.2mm, these lenses are pretty small to me. I have naturally small irises and these didn't enlarge them as much as I thought it would. So if you're looking for enlargement, then these aren't for you. But if you're looking for lenses which are natural (well, not on the colour) then these would be good for you! :D

Overall I find these lenses pretty great! In fact, I will wear them to college as they are comfortable! :D GlassesOnline had been providing great service to me! They replied my emails within hours and I was informed thoroughly on the status of the lenses! Not to mention that their staffs are friendly as well; It makes the whole shopping experience fun! Thank you so much!

Btw, if you didn't know, GlassesOnline has also provided me a discount voucher to share with you all! For a minimum expenditure of RM100 on any items, you get RM20 off with the above voucher code, GOhanie20. How great is that? Happy Shopping!


  1. nice color...

    I think it suits you.


  2. Jessy- Thank you! :D I didn't think that I'd look good in blue lenses (^^;) Perhaps I should learn to love them more, hehe~

  3. Wow!! You look really doll-like with these contacts. Looks good on you :))

    xx Mandy

  4. Mandy Ooi- Thank you! Lenses play a part in achieving dolly looks but makeup it important as well! :D

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