June 6, 2013


I've been wearing my Elmo cap really often lately! I hope you're not sick of it yet! :P To be honest, I'm actually starting to get sick of it already; self reminder to get a new cap soon! :D

Anyways, I just came back from Penang today and overall the trip was rather disappointing and tiring. The details will be kept for the post itself, which should be up soon! :D

Here's some past selcas to keep my blog fresh! :D

Acting cool yo~

I'm actually feeling unwell these two days. Pms and flu kicks in at the same time, and it's wearing me out so quickly. I should be resting now but I've been sleeping the entire day today that I actually got sick of sleeping. Does that even makes sense?

My sem break is ending this week and I wish that it would be longer. I still have undone assignments and I'm totally not in the mood of completing them. And to think that my mid terms will be coming soon after my sem break is another mood-killer. (;^;)

Just a short post for now. :)

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