June 24, 2013

Double Face Portrait - Portraiture.my

Hello! The haze hasn't got better so far so I'm still cooped up at home. :( There isn't class in college today but we have work to do online from our lecturers.

Anyways, a few months back I had a concept photoshoot with my friends! Well, it's more like I'd volunteered when my friend asked me if I could do her a favor and I agreed after knowing how unique the concept was. We travelled all the way to Nilai and it took us more than an hour but time passes by quickly when you have a friend with you, don't you think so? :D Long words short, here are the photos I got!

The concept was double face so you can see a 'profile face' painted on my face. We did this with face painting and it was a huge mess to wash off I must say! The paint dries rather quickly and cracks when I try to move so we had to repaint many many times! As the paint got thicker and thicker, it became harder and harder for me to wash it off.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience! It was my first concept photoshoot so it was a nice exposure to something I've never done before. I love the artistic factor of the whole concept, it's not something I usually see but I get to experience it myself! :D And... if you're wondering, I was wearing a top, haha! It may not seem so but we made sure to keep only my shoulders area in the frame. :)

Many thanks to my friend, Naito and her photographer friend, Calvin! Both of them were fun and friendly! And I was taught many unique poses you can do with just your hands! :D Do check out Calvin's photography Facebook page at Portraiture.my!


  1. aMz88- Oh thank you so much! <3

  2. Racist. Lol jk jk ! that's pretty cool C:

  3. Christabel Ehui- Hey hey hey looks like someone thought of it first before me (¬艸¬)ジー・・・ Hehehe~! Thanks anyways :D