May 31, 2013

New haircut with 76style, Midvalley

After reading countless reviews regarding 76 style, I decided to pay a visit for a haircut today!

I wasn't sure what haircut I want but I know that I want something shorter as I was bored with my previous hairstyle. I was contemplating for a long time which saloon I should visit and I settle for 76 style in the end. Leave it to the professionals, haha!

Awkward look since I'm too shy to take much pictures in public. (∩。∩;)ゞ

It's best to make an appointment beforehand as the slots are usually full! My appointment was at 12pm but I arrived around 12.15pm and was seated to wait for my turn. My hairstylist was Shaun and he asked me what I wanted to do with my hair before proceeding. I told him I wanted something different as I got bored of my current long and straight hairstyle. He kept telling me how dry my hair was and gave me advise to do the Ultrasonic Treatment. (^^;) I'll be back, alright? :D

Anyways, first I got my hair shampooed and combed through and as always, I felt sorry for the one who had to comb through my seriously tangled dry hair. (._.) However, unlike other saloons, they do not tug my hair hard so I was pretty happy about that :D

The haircut took a while as my hairstylist had to attend to many customers so I was left alone for quite some time. (°^°) And where's my cuppa tea? (°Д°)? Still I'm happy that the hairstylist was patient with me since I told him to cut my hair even shorter after it was nearly done. (^^;) My hair grows fast so I wanted it shorter so that it'll take longer to grow out again...

So here's how it looks in the end! :D

I'm happy with how it turned out! My head feels lighter with half of my original hair length gone! Shaun told me to grow my fringe longer to get a smaller face effect :D I'll grow it out even if it's annoying then XD

Lastly with my new lippie in hot pink :D Mad love this shade for this season!


  1. Your new hairstyle suits you pretty well ^^
    I always wanted to get my hair a treatment there (Dry chappy hair-_-)but it's at KL area and not at Penang.. QAQ

  2. Caydence- Thank you! I'm glad to hear that! :D Well, if you happen to come to KL, then I guess you can schedule an appointment with them then :D

  3. Christabel Ehui- Thanks sweetie~ :)

  4. Hi! Can I know what lens were you wearing?

  5. Mei Yin Wu- Hi! I'm wearing Puffy 3 Tones brown (aka Shinny Brown) :)