May 28, 2013

I fainted

What has gotten into me, I'm unsure. Yet today I decided to muster up my courage to visit a dentist, which I had been avoiding doing so since my last visit which was, 5 years ago.

I wanted to get rid of the root of a baby back tooth which was not properly removed. And that meant that I had to visit the dentist.

Yes, I do have dentophobia but it wasn't so before my visit to the dentist 5 years ago. Dental visits used to be fine until one day I had to remove a back tooth so I decided to visit a dentist. It was a terrible experience. Not only had he injected my gum at the wrong place twice, he did not wait for the anesthetic to kick in before he pulled off my tooth. And I had not visited any dentist ever since.

Although the dentist I visited today was kind to me and she had the procedures carried out skillfully without hurting me, I fainted. I clearly remembered thanking her as I went out of the dental room and sat down on a chair. My head started to swoon and after a while I was breaking in cold sweat and was unable to hear clearly anymore. My eyelids were shutting and my vision went blur.

Soon later, I was carried up and was slowly dragged into the dental room to lie down for me to recover. My senses slowly came back and I saw my mom, the dentist and the nurses around me. I knew I had fainted then, and I was feeling rather embarrassed.

My mom told me later on that if I had been unconscious for much longer, I would've been admitted to a hospital. I never thought that my phobia could go into this extent. And to make things clear, my wound wasn't bleeding badly at all.

I feel really silly. After all I was the one who wanted to go to the dentist, I was telling myself not to be afraid, I felt relieved when it was removed successfully but I never expected myself to actually faint at the dentist. I want to laugh at myself at the same time cry for my weakness.

It's been a long day and I'm going to rest for now. :)

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