January 10, 2013

Last cosplays of 2012

My Comic Fiesta cosplay preparation was so far the worst. It wasn't as fun as my previous cosplays because I had to rush everything within a week's time. Yet I am happy to have them done although my day 1 cosplay received lots of damage (T T)

Do read my previous posts on Comic Fiesta too. (^^) Part 1 Part 2

Met up with my fellow cosplay friends on Day 1 morning. You can't see it here but I was having a costume malfunction day with my 'supposedly-thigh-high-socks'. I had to change out of my costume by noon and drag myself back home with nearly blistered feets. (T T)

Met several schoolmates and here's one of the pictures we took (^^)

Day 1's cosplay as Maria Kurenai was a failure to me. I plan to improve it for future events soon! :D

 Day 2's cosplay was Ririchiyo Shirakiin which was a last minute plan as I've mentioned before. Overslept on that day so I met up with my friends at lunch time and we had our own 'photoshoot' at the KLCC park. (^^) But it was really sunny that day our makeup melted in no time > <

One of the shots which I love! Taken with phone camera and editied in photoshop. I only noticed the fallen strap while editing! > <

Ky Li who cosplayed as Lucy Heartfilia from the popular series Fairy Tail! My initial plan for Comic Fiesta was to cosplay as Wendy Marvell but due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to cosplay as her BUT I will do so this year! :D

So how much damage in my cosplay for Comic Fiesta?

Lost a button for my Maria Kurenai costume, had problems with Maria's socks and tore my purple lens for Ririchiyo cosplay on the morning of Day 2 itself. I ended up wearing blue lens (the above picture was photoshopped).

To sum up my cosplay for 2012, I have cosplayed 5 different characters in a year and the one which I enjoyed the most is actually my Konata cosplay. I personally prefer costumes which is easy to move around in and does not have much problem throughout the whole day. (^^;)


  1. Looking good actually.but how did you actually manage to tear your contacts?

  2. Christopher C- It tore by itself when I took it out of the lens case... And no, I didn't scratch it with my nails.

  3. Nice cosplays! You look really good as Maria and super cute as Ririchiyo :O I also cosplayed as Ririchiyo but I wore her Summer uniform because it's short sleeved and cooler. Where do you get your cosplays from? And don't worry, I've had similar problems at events before too >.< Too hectic when I get ready :S I've tore 2 pairs of contacts on the day of a convention so I had to go contact-less :( Hope you can cosplay more in 2013~! I will look forward to seeing them hehe :3

  4. Bella- Thank you! :D I think all of Ririchiyo's outfits look really nice! I got my costumes tailored or from taobao usually, hehe (^^) Sad to hear that you went contact-less :( I wish you luck in your future cosplays! :D

  5. how did you do Maria's hair? :D

  6. maccha- It took me a long time to figure it out (^^;) Basically I sew down the part where I had to bring the hair over to the other side for the bun with nylon string. I didn't want the weft to show you see... then you can gather the hair to the other side by slowly combing and gathering and tie it down using nylon string as well so that what you have gathered and combed won't go out of shape. Just tie the rest of the hair into a bun and that's it! :D Do ask me if you don't understand (^^;)