January 23, 2013

Enma Ai Inspired Look + Geo CP-S7 Review


Today's look is inspired by Enma Ai from the series Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). I'm sure many of you have heard of the series before so here's a quick tutorial on achieving Enma Ai's look!

The lenses I'm wearing in this tutorial is sponsored by Mukuchu. They are Geo CP-S7 or more commonly known as the Crazy lens series. :)

Enma Ai has a porcelain look so your foundation shade can be one or two shade lighter than your normal tone. Conceal any imperfections and powder your face for a matte finish.

For certain cosplay makeup, I would draw on the eyeliner first so that applying eyeshadow will be easier later. Enma Ai has very round almond eyes so drawing your eyeliner thicker on the middle area will make your eyes rounder. :)

As for this look, I wanted to create animated eyes so I drew on my lashes instead. Of course, if you prefer to put on false eyelashes as well it will still look nice. :)

Next, I used a dark brown eyeshadow and deepen my crease line to exaggerate my eyelid fold. It makes your eye larger too!

For this look, I have concealed my eyebrows and drew on thin curved eyebrows like Enma Ai's. It's always good to have a reference picture nearby when you apply makeup for cosplays. (^^) For thin eyebrows, I would prefer using a small angle brush for definition.

I have also shaded my nose with a brown eyeshadow which is slightly darker than my everyday makeup to make my nose look thin and sharp. Remember to highlight your nose bridge too to bring out more dimension!

Also, if you want to create even larger eyes, line your waterline and the area below your eyes with a white pencil eyeliner.I have pearl white eyeliner only but I think that matte white eyeliner would look much better!

Finish up your look with light pink lipstick and clear lipgloss! I skipped blusher for this look as Enma Ai always look pale so I wanted to keep that look too. :)

Indoor lightning.

With flash.

Geo CP-S7


Colour/design: ★★★★
The colour of these lenses are very vibrant! Perfect for cosplays and parties! The lenses have a black rim on the outer area and a smaller ring design at the inner area so they actually blend pretty well and create a dolly effect. (^^)

Comfort: ★★
I find these rather uncomfortable when I first worn them. The inner rim is pretty small that I can actually see the red rim when I wore them. It takes a while to get used to so these are not for fussy people.

Enlargement: ★★★
These lenses are only 14.00mm so I didn't have much expectations for the enlarging part. But the design makes it look dolly hence creating an enlarging illusion. :)

It's my first time wearing red lens and I actually like them XD I'm planning to cosplay characters with red eyes this year so I can wear these at anime conventions!

Thank you Mukuchu for sponsoring me these lenses! :D


  1. omgomgomg! you look so much like her!!!

  2. Melo- Thanks :D

    Christabel Ehui- Really?? :D Glad to hear that XD

  3. i love this look so much! great work on the liner and red eyes, long hair black kyaaa so dark and lovely :))


  4. aMz88- Thank you! :D The long 'black' hair was a dark purple wig XD

  5. Omg, i read your blog since many months, and i never get tired of it :3 You even gave me inspiration to start my own blog, which i probably will do soon :3

    Keep updating when you have time :3

  6. Jia Meimei- Your comment made my day! :'D Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to read your blog! :D