December 28, 2012

Singapore December 2012 - Universal Studios Singapore

Day 2 of our visit we went to none other than Universal Studios Singapore! Having heard so many good reviews about the theme park, I was really excited to go there and get on the rides!

Arrival at Universal Studios Singapore! We went there during the peak season but there wasn't much of a queue compared to theme parks here in Malaysia. Good job for the efficiency!

Taking touristy shots in front of the globe as a proof that we had been there...

Entering through Hollywood. I wished I spent more time there taking pictures! Everywhere looked picturesque to me :)

I say that USS is amazingly constructed as it feels like you've entered somewhere else every time you step into another area of the theme park. We almost felt as if we weren't in Singapore!

Having a warm cup of coffee at the roadside is one of the most pleasurable thing to do! It would've been even nicer if the setting was in a western country itself, haha!

You get to buy 'awards' for your love ones too!

Entering New York street! There are lots of street performances and special programmes being held around the theme park at different hours so do grab a schedule at the entrance to enjoy yourself to the fullest! And I really love how the performers at USS present their professionalism!

There's a small alley at New York street which was perfect for taking photographs! It's pretty quiet but you really should really see the vintage setting of the place. (^^)

We got on our first ride at Sci Fi City. The theme park fun started so we didn't take as much pictures afterwards. (^^;) If you're more to the adventurous side like me, I think you'll prefer the Cyclone ride compared to the Human ride at the Battlestar Galactica.

We skipped the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Ancient Egypt. Even though I wanted to get on all the exciting rides but Angel and Ky Li were too afraid to accompany me due to the eerie atmosphere at the ride. I guess finding friends who are as adventurous as you are is not easy (^^;)

We stopped by The Lost World before we had our lunch. Has anyone ever experienced going to a theme park with odd number of friends and someone ended up getting on the ride with a stranger? Happened to us several times (^^;)

We ventured Far Far Away for our lunch with an exhilarating view.

A simple yet filling lunch at Frair's.

After lunch, we went for Shrek's 4D Adventure where I accidentally LOST MY PHONE. I nearly cried due to my carelessness but I got it back thanks to the kind staffs at USS. I can't express enough gratefulness to them! If things like this happened here in Malaysia I don't think I'll ever see my phone again. Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

We went to Madagascar for more rides. My favourite character has got to be Marty!

I really enjoyed the Madagascar Crate Adventure ride especially the last part where they had a curtain waterfall. You've got to ride it yourself to know why!

It was yet another rainy day so we missed out on the Song Of The Sea performance. :( Dragging ourselves back to Vivocity for dinner and we had another depressing conversion rate problem. A simple Ramen dinner with 2 bowls of ramen and a dish of fried gyoza easily costed us nearly RM100. :'( It was the most expensive meal we had in Singapore.

Nearly everyday we end up dragging ourselves back to the hotel with our sore feet. But we looked forward to each day's experiences in Singapore. (^^) Thank you Singapore!


  1. Aww you should have ridden the mummy ride no matter what! You should have gone by the single riders! I just went the other day and that ride was just SO EPIC.

  2. cowcowpow- I didn't want to be left alone (^^;) I hope to go there again next time! :D The ride looks really interesting but I'll need to find someone to accompany me hehe (^^')