December 29, 2012

Singapore December 2012 - Shopping and Leaving Singapore

What's a trip without shopping? We had a little more sleep on our second night to re-energize ourselves for a whole day long's shopping. It was the only day where I actually bother to dress myself up nicely (^^)

First stop was ION Orchard. Orchard Road is so vast that it was impossible for us to go every single mall there. We went to ION Orchard, Takashimaya, Tangs Plaza and Far East Plaza. My favourite one was Far East Plaza for its fashionable items but I couldn't buy everything as we went there on our last day and I was running out of cash. :(

Coordinate of the day! I wished I had better shoes to match :3

We did so much shopping that we completely forgotten about taking photos! Items shown are stuff we got in the span of three days. We got some more on day 4!

Anyways, Bugis Street is mad love! We got most of our stuff there and wore them as soon as we got back to Malaysia. (^^) I love how fast forward fashion is in Singapore compared to Malaysia! They have lots of nice affordable things which we still don't! Please bring better fashion items to Malaysia at a lower price...

We had to leave of Day 4. If you read my first post on Singapore, you would've known that I've mentioned things took a 360° change by the end of the trip.

Our flight was scheduled at 6.30pm so we arrived around 4pm at Changi Airport. We arrived early and the display board was not showing whether our flight was available for check in yet but when it finally showed, we were told that the boarding had closed. No flights were available until the next day and the next flight would cost us $891 which is equivalent to around RM2000. Obviously we won't pay for that amount and stay overnight at the airport so we took a bus back home instead.

In times like this, it's very important to keep oneself calm and be very positive. Going home by bus was an eye-opening experience for us. I guess even though we missed our flight, in return we have learned how to take a bus back to Malaysia. I'm pretty grateful to have acquire such experience and have came home safely. We managed to reach home at 4am and I am really thankful to my parents who took the trouble to fetch me back home at such an hour. :'D

Overall, it was a thrilling and fun trip I had in Singapore. I truly cherish my moments spend in the Lion City. Thank you! ♥