December 21, 2012

Singapore December 2012 - Marina Bay Sands

My Singapore trip started out as a really fun experience right until the end where things turn 360°. I had been to Singapore when I was four but I could barely remember anything back then so that doesn't count. But this time, despite being my 'first time' going overseas or to Singapore, I had to be the tour guide.

Naturally, I tried to plan the itinerary according to places I would like to visit myself (mainly for photography and shopping). Friends in need are friends indeed, I didn't have a good camera and something was wrong with my phone battery so my friends let me use theirs to take some photos instead. I can't stop thanking you two ♥

It was my first time flying so I was really excited before boarding! Took photos of the entire flying experience until Ky Li said that I was exaggerating. I guess I expected too much in the end as it felt just like a bus ride replaced with the scenery of clouds.

Ulzzang makeup for plane ride. (^^)

I'm really loving this style now for lazy days. Last week I went out with Ulzzang makeup and I actually got mistaken as a Korean while shopping at Etude House. It was rather amusing as I never thought I could pull of this style so well!

With some of my travel companions. Me, Ky Li and Angel.

We travelled in a group of six. It was really fun to travel with my friends who loves things which I love too. We had so much fun together!

Arrival at Changi Airport!

We stopped by at Starbucks at Changi Airport to grab a bite. My first Singapore Dollar spent there.

Singapore's public transport efficiency is major love! We navigated to our destinations all using public transport itself. One shouldn't be able to get lost in Singapore. (^^)

At Chinatown.

We stayed at Porcelain Hotel at Chinatown. It was a pretty decent hotel but it was really small. If your travel itinerary mainly focus on outdoor activities, the hotel isn't your main priority so you don't have to worry too much about the size or facilities.

Our first destination was Gardens By The Bay. It was raining everyday of our trip so we had to adjust our initial plans according to the weather condition. Umbrellas had been our good friend!

We wanted to visit the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest but due to the bad weather condition we decided not to even though it's indoors. We only took a few pictures around Gardens By The Bay in the end. I need to go back to Singapore again!

Marina Bay Sands.

We had our dinner here on our first night. They have lots of high end brands here and the mall was packed with lots of fascinating things like the 'waterfall' and the boat ride. My friend's aunt who came along with us sure enjoyed shopping here!

Our plan after dinner was to see the Merlion but we didn't know where to get to it. We ended up seeing it across the lake but oh well, at least we saw it.

Singapore's night view is really beautiful as well. Lights illuminating the city and almost everywhere is a piece of art to me. I wished I had a better camera that time!

There was a water show that night. It wasn't within our expectations and we were overjoyed to view it. Discovering new things during a trip is the best thing! (^^)

I really love the friendly service and efficiency in Singapore. But I hate the conversion rate or else I could've spent more... And that pretty much sums up day 1! We took around 400 pictures in total so I will need some time to sort out the rest but day 2's post will be coming up soon! :D


  1. YAY! I'm happy you post about Singapore! I'm going next year so posting what you enjoyed really helps me to! XD

  2. Your Ulzzang Make-Up looks good! ^-^
    The Porcelain Hotel looks beautiful *-*

    Singapore looks really beautiful o_o I never was there! But I want now! ><

  3. Bunny.Berri- I'm glad to hear so!!! There are so many other places we went so keep reading my blog to know more! ;)

    민영- Thank you♥♥♥ It is but it's priced slightly higher than other budget hotels out there. But you pay the price, you get the deal. Singapore is a beautiful country! I wish to go back again! Haha! :D

  4. I hope you had fun in Singapore! :D

  5. Eleanor- It was fun! I plan to visit Singapore again! :D