December 30, 2012

New Hair Colour

One of my biggest wish after graduation was to dye my hair. In Malaysia, students are not allowed to dye their hair and that restriction had always been bothering me. A few days before I went to Singapore, I finally got my hair dyed. :)

It's been a while now since I've dyed it and I didn't want to blog about it as it was not very obvious at first. It has pretty much faded now to a shade of copper brown which I don't really like. I'm giving my hair a rest before I change it to another colour (^^;)

Colour inspiration was originally Wine Red but my mom was strongly against it so in the end we settled for Mahogany instead. I wanted something which can match many different fashion styles without going too extreme at the same time.

Last picture with black hair? I went to the Foruchizu fashion show as Isetan as soon as I dyed my hair.

It was not obvious at all on the first day. I could barely see the colour under normal lightning. Pretty disappointing as I wanted an obvious change to my hair colour.

My profile face doesn't look nice at all (T T) My new hair colour only shows when the picture is taken with flash. Even after several washing, it still doesn't achieve this colour so I'm pretty disappointed :( The bill was paid by mom so I didn't have to bear a cent. (^^;) Saving up for my next hair dye soon~!


  1. Aw that's still disspointing that the colour is not what you wanted. :/ Even if you didn't pay for it it's still not nice :(

  2. That looks like you just had a Cellophane treatment wherein you need light to show the color of your hair.. But maybe it's nice that way, pretty! :-D :-D You didn't have any drastic change yet. Hehehe. :-D

  3. Bunny.Berri- Yeah... I want to change it soon! > <

    Joanna- Personally I prefer it to be more obvious... (^^;)