December 31, 2012

Cameron Highlands December 2012

My family and I decided to take a short trip of 3 days 2 nights up to Cameron Highlands. The last time we were there was 10 years ago so pretty much most of the things have changed. It was constantly drizzling throughout our trip so the weather was pretty chilly!

My mom had always wished to stay at the Strawberry Park Resort. We thought we would splurge a little more on accommodation; after all, we don't always go on trips.

Christmas decoration at the Cameron Highlands Resort. The cold atmosphere up the hill and the beautiful decorations hung up lets you experience a different kind of Christmas in a tropical country.

Smokehouse Hotel is a must to visit! It has preserved its British feel and it's a great place for photography! I think it's perfect for families or romantic couples. (^^) Cameron Highlands is famous for its abundant species of flowers so you can expect to see flower gardens almost everywhere!

Lunchtime at Smokehouse Restaurant. Nothing fancy for the food although they were priced much more expensive than most restaurants out there. You dine there for its overall atmosphere so you ain't got anything to complain.

Visiting the BOH Tea Plantation. It was a long journey of winding uphill road. There are few other tea plantations at Cameron Highlands but we thought that we should visit this one as it has a long founding history in Malaysia. It's one of the attraction spots where you can't access by bus so the number of visitors was visibly lesser. But to go up there and have a cup of tea is a wonderful experience!

Strawberry farms are not to miss! There are lots of strawberry farms up there but every farm differs in terms of quality and standard. We visited this Big Red Strawberry Farm which has a huge plantation of strawberries, flowers and cactus. Also, you get to try their freshly made strawberry dessert! We entered the farm through a small alley in Brinchang among some houses so it might not be easy to find unlike the other roadside farms.

It was a great experience to see so many new attractions and to spend some quality time with my family. Here ends my last travel post of 2012. I really love to travel and I hope that I will get to go more places in 2013!

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