November 11, 2012

Style Inspirations

It has been a busy week filled with exams! Since we have breaks in between, I decided to seize the opportunity to update a bit. :D

None of my face in today's post in case you got tired of seeing me, haha! But I hope you don't :P

I've finally signed up an account on Lookbook after so long! Although I knew about it years ago but I never bother to sign up an account or even go to the site, haha! Same goes to all other social media platforms, I don't use them until it's very long since it's started... (^^;)

I find that there are lots of beautiful styles on Lookbook! I'm checking out new updates there everyday as the outfits always inspires me :D Like I've said before that I wanted to change my style from typical Japanese gyaru to my own style so getting inspirations from people all over the world is a great start!

What I love about the outfits above are the skeleton fingers top, floral shorts, studded shorts and denim shorts (which I believe is DIY?). And of course, that pair of shoes I especially cropped out! All these have a slightly rockish yet edgy look which I really like!

I love love love funky tops!!! :D It's rather revealing here in Malaysia to wear holey clothes but I really love the cut out patterns! It brings uniqueness and attention to your outfit!

Leather skirt are just so beautiful! I really want to get one soon X3 I love how the girl has matched it with a floral top for a girly touch to her outfit :D Flower headbands are so beautiful as well and I plan to DIY one soon! :D

Outers with beautiful prints are my love too! :D So far I only have one of those but I wish to collect more, haha! They can be matched with simple clothings and make them stand out, don't you think so?

Also, I love that unique necklace on top of the picture! I wonder if I can DIY that or not, hahaha!

Of course, Harajuku style has been a great inspiration for me! It doesn't follow trends strictly unlike typical gyaru style and I find it more artistic :D

I love how Juria (the girl with purple hair) matched the top and the scarf headband! It looks really cute! :D And the platform sneakers she own makes me want a pair for myself too! I've been following her on Instagram for months already and I love the tattoo tights she wears all the time. <3

Moco follows fairy kei trend. Even so, I find some of her coordinates pretty nice and cute! Personally i don't go for pastel all over but the way she matches her coordinates are nice :D

Then there's unique printed one piece and colourful outers which I really like too! I feel that fashion should not be restricted to trends only but art ;)

Last but not least, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu~!!! I love her styles since she first debuted as a singer and has been following her since XD

Of course she doesn't dress as crazy as she does in her music videos normally but I find her private wear coordinates simple and nice! She wears a lot of hoodies, I wonder if that's to cover up when she goes out (^^;)

In her outfits, she always add a cute touch to them that brings out her personality. Fashion is not a bout covering up but making yourself shine, isn't it? :3

Kyary's been wearing a lot of Adidas stuff and same goes to 2ne1 which are my inspirations as well! I've come to like Adidas but my wallet hasn't you see... (^^;)

All these artistic styles makes my hands go really itchy as I want to DIY this and that, hahaha! I love to DIY things to save cost ;)

Got all these pictures from several websites and I cropped them out for easier reference :) A big thanks to all these people who post up coordinates all the time, I love them so much! I can't wait to go shopping soon too, haha!

Still, since my blog started out with Gyaru style, I'm not planning to abandon that style at all. I know many of you like Gyaru too so I'm just trying to fuse my own likings into the style. :D

I'll be posting some DIY posts soon as soon as I got the time to! Exams are still on so I need to get back to studies soon... :3


  1. Love your collection! Can't see what you make of it ^^

  2. Lookbook truly is such an inspiration! Love the looks you picked out!

  3. Lizzie ♥- I will show when I have done something! :D

    Joey- Yeah!! I go there everyday :3