November 27, 2012

Story Of My Cats

Huge delay for this post! I kept delaying this post because... well you'll have to read till the end to know (^∀゜~☆)

I have many tutorials to post up but I decided to blog about this in the meanwhile because I've ran out of makeup remover so I can't remove my makeup if I put it on. Pretty lame excuse, but I never wear makeup when I know I don't have a remover. Skin is more important than makeup, haha!

Back to the title, five months ago we have adopted two kittens which we found on the streets.

Tora on the left and Anko on the right. They are loving sisters. :)

When we adopted them, they were around two months old. Ah, just look at how time flies... This picture was taken the day they were brought home.

Reaching 5 months old, both of them started being on heat. It was pretty noisy actually but we just try to tolerate as best as we could.

One day, Tora managed to escape from the cage and left home for 4 days. We thought she would not come back anymore but I still had a little hope in me. She came  back all greasy and skinny unlike the previous her four days ago. Seeing her such broke my heart.

But never had it ever crossed our mind that she was pregnant. Until I started to notice something different to her body. Picture above was taken a few weeks back.

Anko was still in heat by then and it was getting on our nerves. We decided that we don't want another pregnant cat so we got her neutered. Although I still feel a little guilty that we took something away from her that could not be replace forever. :'(

Picture was from two days ago. Tora was starting to have contractions and was about to give birth. She looked so worried and nervous I wished I could hug her but I wasn't supposed to...

That day I stayed by her side as she started giving birth. It was truly and eye opening experience for me to witness a cat giving birth. She was so great and managed all by herself.

Tora gave birth to 4 kittens, two black and two white ones however only one black and one white one survived. The other two were stillborns... :'(

Tora and her little family.

I'm really happy for her safe delivery and I hope her kittens will grow up healthily and become as cute as their mother. (^^)

Anko's cage was beside her and she was really anxious to see new addition in the family too. :D

Tora is quite clumsy sometimes and she sits on her kittens and we have to help her out all the time. But I hope she'll learn it up soon. After all, being a mother is a new experience for her. :D

I wanted to blog about this a few months ago but Tora went missing by then and soon I noticed her pregnancy and thus waited until now to blog about my little family members, haha! It's a rather short post but it was really lovely to me.

Anyways, exams are going to be over soon. I have only two papers left and I'm free! Can't wait to get my hair dyed and go for trips and events! I'll try my best to update even though my schedule is pretty packed. :)

There are lots of things which I want to get lately. The item that tops the list is a new camera. I really want to get Sony NEX-F3 as I've seen that it works pretty well. I'm really interested in photography but I don't plan to invest too much so I hope that this will work fine with me. Hope to get it before my Singapore trip though! :D

Recently bought some new clothes but I think I'll only show them when I wear them out, hehe. I'm finally getting a hold on the styles that I like. My mom had always been complaining about my ever changing styles; I go crazy over a trend and get tired of them after a few months... (^^;) But I guess that makes who I am right? Haha!

Will blog again soon :)


  1. So freaking cute! I would love to cats but having an allergic family member and a crazy dog prevents that dream :L

    Don't feel guilty about the neutering, it takes the stress away from the animal and promotes longer healthier lives ^ ^

  2. alycie- Aww... :/ I just hope that the cat is not too sad about that. I understand the advantages of having them neutered but I'm not sure how the cat feels that's why. (. .;)

  3. Aw~ such a touching post <3 I love cats a lot~ I hope they get enough love <3 Hopefully she came back again, what a relief~
    Good luck with your studies, cutie~
    Just dress the way you like & you think that look nice on you body~ <3

  4. Odd Western Lollipop- They really are! X3

    Mel- :'D I love my cats so much! Thanks for your wishes <3 And thank you for your advice :) I will post up some coordinates soon :)

  5. awwww they are adorable...

    xoxo Wengie