November 4, 2012

Day 0

I can't comprehend what's in my mind right now.

SPM is in a few hours and every form 5 student in Malaysia are studying really really hard for this exam.

I guess I'm pretty stressed out as it's the last exam I'm ever going to sit in high school. I've been cramming for hours trying to get as much input in my brain as possible.

I want to do well in SPM and score flying colours. Wish me luck?

I've really got to believe in myself that I can do well. :)

Will update soonest by Friday. :)


  1. Much much much luck to you!!

    You can do well as long as you try your best ^-^

    I'm in the same situation as you, soon we have the final exams of high school :)

  2. Nesu-Chan ★ ねすちゃん- Thank you! <3 Much appreciated :D

    October ja Wave- I hope so! I'm trying to stay positive at all time :) Wishing you good luck in advance for your finals!