October 8, 2012

Moving on to the next chapter soon...


Realised that I haven't blogged for weeks so I thought I should freshen up things a little!

I've been really busy juggling in between studies and lots of on goings daily so I've pretty much forgotten how long I've not updated my blog. My apologies... (^^;)

I am going to graduate from high school soon... To be precise, 20 days from now... I am sure that I will miss high school very much so I try to go to school everyday since I would like to have as much memories as possible before all these ends. :(

I don't really know what path lays in front of me yet, I only have a rough idea of what it's like so far... I hope things turn out to be the best for me :D

Anyways, since I'm going to graduate soon an moving on to the next chapter in life soon, I thought that a new layout for my blog would be nice as well! Move on to the next layout lololol~

Here's the colour theme for my new blog layout. :D

As you can see it's going to be a little more mature now, hehe (^^)

But I'm still trying to preserve some cuteness in it! :D All I'm left now is the header picture and I guess I can say I'm done :D I'm planning to change my layout soonest as soon as I graduate but if things get too busy around then I might have to delay it :/

I've been really into Kpop recently! Much influence came from my classmates. (^^;) My favourite groups are Big Bang and 2ne1, been playing their songs everyday! T-ara's songs are not bad too, but I prefer 2ne1's style hehe~

I've been doing exercises regularly lately and their songs are always on my playlist :D It makes me feel happier while doing exercises lol~

I guess that's about it for now, sorry for the lack of pictures, haven't been taking much pictures since I haven't been going out or have time to do tutorials. :( They should be coming soon. Since I can't stand wordy updates like these anymore too... OTL...


  1. the colors seem very mature now TT~TT but i can't wait to see what it looks like :D

  2. Christabel Ehui- I have the current one for two years already and I thought that it's time to change. It's less pinkish but I hope you'll like it when it's up. :)