October 26, 2012

Halloween look - Snow White

Halloween is coming soon! It's been so long since I've done a tutorial and I hope you'll like it! :D

Today's look is Snow White! She has beautiful skin, blue eyes, rosy cheeks and red lips. I'm going to show you an asian version for Snow White since my facial features are so.

As usual, I've applied my foundation, concealer and powder. Also, some highlights and countouring has been done here. You want your face to look flawless yet you don't want it to look too matte as you don't want to achieve a porcelain doll look but a glowing skin look.

Fill in your brows with a grey eyeshadow. Start filling them in from the middle then blend it to the inner edge and outer edge so that it looks more natural. :)

Next, the eye make up.

1. Apply Vanilla by M.A.C up until your eyebrows. Blend it well and this will be your eyeshadow base. Next, apply Cork by M.A.C up until your crease and blend well. This will create a gradient to your eyes.

2. Using Cork by M.A.C again, this time apply it to your eyelid crease to deepen the crease. I will recommend using a flat brush for better control.

3. Using the same colour again, apply it to half of the bottom of your eyes. Be careful not to apply too much on the outer corners or it'll turn into droopy eyes.

4. For Snow White, I want to go for a softer look so I'm using eyeshadow as eyeliner. Using a thin brush, apply a black or grey eyeshadow like how you would draw on an eyeliner. Thicker eyelining in the middle creates rounder eyes. Wing it out a little bit on the outer ends only like most disney princesses.

5. Using a white eyeliner pencil, apply it below your eyebrows, inner corners and on your bottom waterline. These helps to brighten up your eyes and creating larger eyes.

6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. For false eyelashes, I chose a natural cross type which are longer in the middle as they bring out a rounder eyes look. If you want to lenghten your eyes, choose lashes which are longer on the outer ends.

As for her rosy cheeks, I used Rose Quartz by M.A.C. Smile and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. I have also highlighted my cheekbones with a pink shimmery highlighter.

Lastly, you want to achieve her beautiful red lips.

1. Using a red lip pencil, draw a round cupid bow on the top lips. She doesn't have very thick lips or very thin lips. As for the bottom lips, you want it to be roundish so that they look as if you're smiling.

2. Next, fill it in with red lipstick. I used Viva glam by M.A.C. Using a lipbrush gives more precision.

3. Lastly, apply red lipgloss for that beautiful shine on your lips. Here I used Relay Race by M.A.C

By the way, remember to wear blue contact lenses as Snow White has blue eyes.
I tied my hair into a fake bob because I don't have a suitable wig for her... (^^;) But I would recommend you to get one if you're planning to dress up as her for Halloween. :)

My hair looks so weird here... OTL

Anyways, this look is suitable for daily wear too! Here I braided my fringe and let down my hair to show you how it's like for daily looks. (^^)

I've posted this photo on Instagram and got comments that I look scary and I look like a doll. Do I really look that scary???

I really like the red lips here but wearing red lips out is rather eye catching. I'll try to wear it out when I have the courage, hehe...

Anyways, I hope you liked this tutorial :) I will be posting another one up soon. :) I'm sorry that I'm not doing any gory looks because I currently don't have the materials for that and it wouldn't be wise for me to get that since we don't celebrate Halloween here in Malaysia... (^^;)


  1. u look cute, thanks for the tutorial too :D

  2. Fanny- Thank you! :D

    Rindodo ♥- Aww... Thank you! Glad you like the tutorial :)