October 20, 2012

EOS Crystal Series in Brown

Last week, Mukuchu has sent me EOS's new design, crystal series in brown for review. As I saw them, I was amazed by the intricate design it has! I tried them on immediately, hahaha!

Here's how they look like. Beautiful, aren't they? :D I love how they have this gradient pattern which does not look too harsh when worn.

When worn they have an almond tone to them which I think is attractive and natural from afar. The design blends well with my dark brown eyes and they do not disturb my vision at all. I was trying out a darker and more mature eyemake and I think these really fits the eyemake. (^^)

With flash
Looks so much better with flash!!! I didn't know until I took the photo! I'm loving them even more, hahaha! I didn't edit the colours of the photo a lot, just slight tweaking so that it doesn't look overexposed.

Natural lightning
The colour easily shows with natural lightning and I think that's great too! Brown eyes always look attractive yet not too strong like other colours. I haven't had any brown lens for some time and I'm really glad to receive these in this colour. In my opinion, brown lens are a must to have haha!

Colour/design: ★★★★★
I seriously love the design and colour of these lens so I'm giving them a 5. (^^) They look good in indoors, outdoors and with flash which I think is really good. (^^)
Also, I think they are really beautiful for brown lens!

Comfort: ★★★★
I have tried these while I went shopping and for movie and I think they are pretty comfortable. It's just that sometimes they might get dry but overall it's alright since it doesn't block my vision at all. Normally when I go for movies, I tend to take out my lens as it's rather uncomfortable after a while but these were alright. (^^) I have perfect vision so taking off lenses does not make me 'blind'. XD

Enlargement: ★★★
At 15mm, these give a slight enlargement. I don't think they give off a very dolly look but if you're going for slight enlargement which brings attractiveness to your eyes, then these should suit you. (^^)

Mukuchu is currently having a Halloween deal where you buy 2 pairs and get 1 pair free! Halloween is coming so why not wear some lens to spice up your Halloween dress up? More details here.

Graduation is on 29 October so I'm pretty busy lately... But I'll try my best to juggle around studies, school and blogging. After all, I've prepared two Halloween looks for this year! I hope you will look forward to them! :D See you soon~!


  1. those lences looks so cute on you \(; w ;)/

  2. I think these lensen looks really pretty on you!!! X

  3. Christabel Ehui- You can check Mukuchu for more details. As for the price, I believe it's $20 AUD per pair.