August 15, 2012

My Last Secondary School Concert~❤

I should say that this post contains mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.

Never would I have imagined that this event has brought my class closer, even a person who doesn't talk much in class got really involved with the school concert. :D I don't want it to end yet I'm really happy that it has happened.

I'm always the one who says I want to graduate as soon as possible and leave school because I used to hate going to school because it just so boring but then I guess I've changed my views about people (not the concept of studying yet) and the missing-your-friends thing is kinda creeping on me (> <) But it's good I guess (^^;) The concert was held for two days and I was mainly the 'make up artist' in my class (^^;) I'm really glad for that role but then the aches and the tiring day 2 is not so fun (=A=) Most photos are taken from Facebook and photos taken when you're tired are pretty unflattering OTL

Our class dance. Every year, Form 5 are required to have a class dance to represent themselves. We danced to a mix of Rolling in the Deep and We Found Love.

Yeah, go ahead and spot me (- -;)

I only got in as a regular when one of my classmates fell and broke his leg (> <) To say thank you for his accident is pretty mean but then because of that I actually got a chance to join in the dance as a regular (^w<)v Ok, I know that's really mean to take advantage but please excuse me for being happy about this *gets scolded* Oh oh, by the way, I only took an hour to finish learning the dance, hahaha! I am proud of myself :P

Part of my classmates

Noticed the jackets some were wearing?? They had led lights installed on them as they were performing a LED dance! :D My favorite performance :D They were interviewed by News Straits Times (a local newspaper agency) and I can't wait to see them in newspaper! :D They danced to Change and Fantastic Baby :)

The Indian dance group~!

One of my favorites too! They were pretty in sync and the dance is nice too. They danced to the song called Chammak Challo :)

With the guys who danced the LED dance~ Fantastic Baby! XD

They wanted to look like Big Bang members so I tried my best to recreate the looks! Photo taken on day 2 but I think the make up on day 1 was better? (^^;) Please don't blame me (> <;)

A blur photo but it's one of those which I took with my friends myself...

They were dancing the LED dance too. See how much I love that performance XD

Haha, over here we were standing quite apart and both slouched to take the photo but it turned out weird as if we don't know each other like that... So I decided to crop the photo to our faces so that it seems like we're closer lol XD

With my really cute classmate~!

Her face is so small and her eyes are huge (> <) Taking picture with her must move myself back so that my face doesn't look so big... OTL

The-one-who-wanted-to-look-like-G Dragon XD

He was the first one who suggested that he wanted make up to looks like G Dragon then others followed... (^^;) But then I had lots of fun thanks to them :D

My classmate who dances so well~

I really enjoy seeing her dance cause her movements are so nice that it makes me want to dance too, haha! But then I am to embarrassed to do that so I only watch her dance (^^;)

Over here I was applying someone else's make up when he asked for a photo. Looking so tired on day 2 already... I did make up for around 10 people each day which explained my exhaustion... (^^;) So awkward here cause my friends were commenting while he was taking the picture (>///<)

Obviously very tired here...

With my lovely classmate here. :) I've never really talked to her until few days before the school concert and we actually got along pretty well! :D

I hope no one kills me for posting photos of them and for all the captions and comments XD My blog is pretty much my online diary so I want to record down as many things as possible ehehehe~

I'll definitely miss the school concert and I hope to be able to perform with my classmates again although the chances are minimal due to SPM... D:

Thank you so much for this great event that brought me closer with my classmates and I hope that I'll be able to collect some more of these sweet memories in the last few months of my secondary school. :)

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