August 13, 2012


When there's no one to shop with, you just have to go shopping alone... And I don't really like that since it's so boring... D:

But recently I went out with my classmates and I'm really happy to make more friends! It's always more fun to hang out with lots of people~

Anyways, I took some pictures on my previous forever alone shopping trip~

I actually took time to style my hair! :D

I almost never curl my hair when I go out. I always style only my fringe because I'm just too lazy (=A=) But then that day I was going to KLCC to join Sony's NEX-F3 camera competition which Cheesie blogged about so I dressed up a bit. :D

I learned this hairstyle from Youtube. It's actually waterfall braids. I don't know why but one side of my hair will always slip... Perhaps it's too smooth like water so it falls out. XD

A touristy shot!

As much as I love the beautiful scenery in Kuala Lumpur, I rarely take pictures of myself in it or even to camwhore there as I get really nervous from people's stares and will end up putting my camera down (> <) I don't mind getting stares but sometimes it makes me feel awkward (> <) Luckily it was around 7 where muslims were having their dinner so there wasn't much people walking around! :D

I love love love the window display at Louis Vuitton!!!

I love how they combined an eye with a flower! It's so special and it reminds me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's style! I hope this display will be there for some while so I can go back and have another look again :D

That's all for now~ I have three more post for this week but I still haven't got all the pictures I need... (> <) Sometimes I do think that blogging is super time consuming. Why can't blogging be as easy as tweeting? D: I've been tweeting quite frequently lately so do follow me there~! :D @HanieKuar

See you soon~!


  1. Pretty!! :-D

  2. really nice hair and you look gorg' ;)
    ~aMz/aimee kheir

  3. Your hairstyle looks amazing! I would never have the patience to do something like that haha :P
    I don't really like shopping alone either but sometimes it's just more efficient by myself >.< And in HK if you camwhore on the streets etc. people actually say bad things to you especially if they are old X_X

  4. Wow! Your hair is so cute! : D : D

  5. Fanny- Thank you! Maybe I should take my time to do my hair next time XD

    aMz88- Aww... Thank you! <3

    Bella- I can say that you can go wherever you like and not wait for others... (^^;) That's pretty harsh to say bad things to people who take pictures of themselves! Do tourist get that sort of comments too?

    Nana- Thank you!! :D