August 19, 2012

030812 Purikura~

Hello! It's the weekend and it's holiday too!

Today's post is just a short update in case you miss me XD

Here are some purikura photos taken on 3/8/12~

It was the first day of our last school concert. :) Me, Natalie and Jessie~

We went for lunch at Sungei Wang! I love the decos of this purikura machine!

Love taking purikura with my friends! :D I want to take more purikura~! <3

Love this pose! Came up with this within 3 seconds, not bad eh? XD

There's a newly open purikura shop at Sungei Wang second floor at Fashion City. Do check it out if you go there! There are lots of puri-booths there! They look really nice :D I want to go back there to check out the other machines! :D

Prices ranged from RM10 to RM20. There's not much people there so I think you can take your sweet time decorating your pictures since the countdown time should stop. (^^)

That's all for now. Will update with other stuff soon :D


  1. really cute photos, i want to go and have some taken too T3T

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  2. Fanny- Thank you!

    aMz88- Do go and take! :D