June 15, 2012

Touwa Erio at AFA Malaysia 2012

I had a mini photoshoot in the morning for Touwa Erio at AFA Malaysia 2012! It was my first time working with a photographer for a cosplay photoshoot so I was kinda awkward (^^;)

I did not liquify the photos or photoshopped anything so all the edits were done by the photographer (^^)

The second and third shots are my favourites! I really like the photos although I think it would have been better if it was done at a brightly lighted place. The convention area had rather dim lightning :(

I received a message from another photographer later the day for another photoshoot so I guess there might be another set of photos for this character?

My schedule is getting tighter as SPM draws near so I won't be attending any events until it is over. :( Also, I am planning to sell some of my cosplay costumes and wigs soon. I hope many will be interested in buying them. :) I have to sell them since my mom is getting a little pissed of already since I've been buying so many of these stuff... :(

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos and I'll try to blog again soon! :D


  1. Cutie! :-D Love the 3rd photo! :-D


  2. Well if you're planning then i would probably buying if .. you know, saved enough cash ._.
    coz i would probably be going for CF this year as Mei Misaki ._.

  3. Own! So cute !
    I love this ! :3

  4. Lovely shoot~! I love the last picture :3

  5. Joanna- Thank you! :D

    ケイデンスー- Eh really?! :O I'll post them up after I sort them out (^^;)

    Manika- Thank you!!! :D

    Yoyo- Thank you! It was just a short photoshoot (^^;)

    Eleanor- You don't say! XD Just joking~~~ XD

  6. Such cute cosplays! You're a good cosplayer >3<

    Btw, I gave you a blog award! You can see it here: http://pandaninjax0.blogspot.com/2012/06/liebster-award.html

  7. Panda Ninja- Aww~!! <3 Thank you so much!!!

  8. Harlo! Nice to meet u ! <3 ur blog ~ It's amazing...I'm a newbies for cosplay ! ! i hope u can share sum of your experience in cosplaying ~ thx ! XD

  9. Kati カティ- Thank you! (^^)v

    Jean- Hello! Nice to meet you too! Glad you love reading my blog!!! :D I'm still learning in cosplaying but I will share some tips when I can. (^^) Feel free to ask me questions too :D

  10. Aww, adorable! You are so cute *3*

    Loved the whole pack of pictures, specially the 3rd one! Want that wig X3

  11. Nesu~chan ♥- Thank you! (^^) I'm planning to sell the costume without the shirt after another photoshoot. (^^)