June 13, 2012

AFA Malaysia 2012 Day 1

Ko-nyan-nyan-chi-wa! :3

I have been really busy the past week especially during the weekend when AFA was held at PWTC. AFA is currently one of the biggest ACG event in Malaysia! (^^) I had lots of fun on both days and I took over 200 photos..... O.O It took me a while to sort out the photos and edit them so sorry for the delay on my AFA report! m(_ _)m

As usual, day 1 is usually packed with lots of event goers hence the queue was massive when I reached there around 8.45am. I couldn't even tell where the end of the queue was and which queue I was supposed to line up at since they indicated which counter we were supposed to line up at with a handwritten A4 paper which I couldn't read from far away (- -;) They only put up the larger wordings later on...

By the way, here's a tip if you would like to attend any ACG events in Malaysia. :) From what I've observed after going to many conventions over the years (makes me sound so experienced eh :P) Day 1 usually has a long long ticketing queue in the morning, less epic cosplays and usually have a better event schedule. Day 2, however, has almost no queue or shorter ticketing queue, better cosplays and a less exciting event schedule. And also, most people might overslept on Day 2 morning... (^^;)

As soon as you enter the hall, you will see Mirai Itasha! :D Lots of Mirai goodies at Culture Japan booth (^^)

There were many exhibitors such as Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Vanguard etc. Sadly, there weren't many doujin booths for a doujin lover like me... I tend to not buy official goods because they are always overpriced... I prefer fanart :P

Look at the queue for Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe and Atelier Royale butler cafe!!

My friends and I decided to go to Atelier Royale on Day 1 since the queue was shorter (^^;) I was pretty excited too since I get to meet some of my favourite butlers from Singapore XD I've never been to AFA in Singapore so I was glad that they came to Malaysia!

Rules and Regulations~

I guess most people have the same opinion as ours to stay for 45 minutes in the cafe till our session ends as we have lined up for more than an hour to get in...

We wanted to try Omurice BUT they ran out of other meals except Curry Rice. OTL We were hungry so we had to choose the only option. And the curry rice was too salty! (T T)

Took a picture with two of Atelier Royale butlers!

Shin, on the left was the one who served our table. He was really cute and had a baby face :D Ren on the left is from Singapore and is one of the butlers that I looked forward to meet. XD

The butlers would kneel down beside your table and talk to you. It was rather awkward but I had fun experiencing how a butler cafe is. :D

And as we were eating, guess who came in? KALAFINA!!! XD Two hours of lining up was worth it to see Kalafina upclose! I didn't get to take any pictures since it's no photography in the cafe but I never forget that awesome moment! Now I can proudly say that I've dined in the same cafe as Kalafina :P

Met Jac who cosplayed as Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke!

I totally recommend you to watch this anime whether you like basketball or not! I don't like basketball myself but this anime has really caught my interest. :)

Waiting for Danny Choo's talk on Culture Japan!

He showed us the Black Rock shoe-ter that he made~

Mirai-chan! I didn't get to see her at Pavillion but I was glad to see her at AFA! :D

This was one of my favourite cosplayer that day. It's a cosplay of Hizaki from Versailles. I love the costume so much!

Lots of dolfies everywhere! :D

Kaname and the SPcats!!!

Their cosplay was really nice and the costumes were high quality! I love Miyuko's make up! Her skin was so perfect too! I didn't know about SPcats befor but now they have really caught my interest! :D

It was hard getting a clear shot of them because the crowd was crazy!!! I was glad to have changed out of my Touwa Erio costume or else my feet would've got injured...

Look at the crowd!!! :O

I had a mini photoshoot on Day 1 for my Touwa Erio cosplay and I'll blog about it after AFA Malaysia Day 2 post. (^^) Really happy that the cosplay got a lot of compliments as I tried my best portraying Erio's moe-ness. It was rather challenging for me! And I walked around the convention bare-footed too... (^^;)

So that's it for now, will blog again soon! :D


  1. You looked cute!
    Ahhh I would want to be a butler for Kalafina!! I hope you got to see them in concert. They're so good!
    Ahh SPcats! I only recently heard of them too

  2. prancing bee- Thank you! :D I went to Anisong on Day 1 and saw them perform :D The best performance I've ever seen! \(^^)/ Kalafina Saikou~!!

  3. Found my Gasai Yuno picture here! Thanks for the picture and you are very cute! *O*~~ Should have to take picture with you but unfortunately my camera got no bat ORZ Hope can see you again in next event!

  4. 蔷薇猫- You're welcome :D Hope to see you at CF :D