May 31, 2012

New hair + Updates~!

To make up for the lack of post I'm back to post another post within 24 hours...

In case you don't know, which you probably don't, I'm on Instagram now! And I really love posting photos and viewing photos! Find me on Instagram at 'MYAUCLUB' :D

I've just got my haircut after a year! I decided to cut off my hip length hair...

It took me a long time to grew 5 inches back after my horrible experience last year where I told the hairstylist to cut off 3 inches but she cut 5 inches of my hair. Familiar experience, anyone? To be honest, I actually cried as soon as I left the saloon. No, I'm never going to head back there.

But I don't know why exactly, this time I decided to cut my hair till chest length. Something must be wrong with me I thought, when I was looking in the mirror and held up my hair to see how short I want it be... I can't believe that I cried over this last year and yet I want to cut my hip length hair to chest length...

I got my hair done at A-Saloon at Fahrenheit88. I was really nervous after my previous experience but the hairstylists were really friendly to me. They asked me what I wanted and carefully cut my hair to fulfill my expectations. I was really happy when I walked out of the saloon, seriously. It never felt better to have a haircut you like. Plus, it only cost RM38 for wash and cut! I'd totally recommend this saloon!

Ouch! DX I love heels but I don't like walking long distance in them.

I've never bled from heels before but this time it's really terrible... I should've worn socks (; ;) Oh, why am I having so much issue with my legs lately...OTL

Anyways, I've got myself a ticket for Anisong at AFA this 9 and 10 June at PWTC! I'm going for Anisong Day 1 with Ky Li! I'm super excited for it! XD

I'm attending both days of the event so feel free to come and say hi if you spot me there! :D I'll be updating on my cosplays soon. :D

So that's all for now! More post to come I promise!


  1. Holy shit, I just went to A-Saloon today (1 Mont Kiara) to get a hair cut too. The RM38 one too. And they were awesome too (though I AM experiencing the they-cut-it-too-short scenario, but I'm fine xD).

    Great minds think alike!

  2. Fanny- Thanks! :D

    xAoiSora- Hmm... Maybe different branch have different hairstylists that's why?

  3. It suits you, you look really cute. I can't believe it was hip length though, I'm so jelly wish I could grow mine that long! I recently cut my long hair shorter too but I much prefer having shorter hair. Although I miss being able to plait it xD

  4. I'm trying to grow mine hip length now :3 I plan to chop it after too x) And ouch! That looks painful, things like that from footwear re the worst >.<

  5. Cute haircut! So brave to cut it so short compared to before! >o<

  6. You're hair looks really cute! I've also had that experience before where my hairstyles cut off more than I wanted. D: I believe she was a little scissor happy. I'm always very cautious whenever I need to have my ends trimmed now since that incident, lol.

    Btw, I am also on Instagram. My name is "PonPonMomo" ^^

  7. Mojexox- Thank you! My hair grows pretty fast (^^;) But it's pretty troublesome to handle hip-length hair though...

    THT Christina- Why chop it off after growing it? O.o I can only hope that it will heal faster... My wounds take some time to go away... D:

    Yoyo- Thank you! I guess I was bored with long long hair that's why... (^^;)

    Panda Ninja- Things like this makes you feel nervous on your next visits! (> <) I have a terrible experience with a dentist years ago and till now I'm still afraid to go to the dental clinic... OTL I saw your pictures on Instagram! They are cute! :D

  8. Cute haircut! ;-D I've got quite a similar experience too. I asked the hairstylist to cut my hair shoulder length same with Aya's hair from "1 litre of tears" but my hair turned out to be bob cut. Ugh! Hehe!

  9. Joanna- Thanks! Omg!! That's a lot of difference!!

  10. Ouchies >_<
    I hate the aftermath of wearing heels... but I guess it's a price to pay to look pretty? Haha

  11. Kiwi- Well, I guess so... :(