April 6, 2012

Purikura time~!


Went out with my lovely friends today and I had the chance to take some Purikura myself! I will blog about the outing soon since there were so many pictures that we took *.*

Today's Coordinate~

Top - Cotton On
Bottoms - Cotton On
Necklace(Not really visible here) - Personal Item

I bought the top from Cotton On at size S. But it was still too big for me and it constant slipped while I was wearing it today. *So embarrassing > <* Mom even scolded me saying 'What type of clothes do you wear to go out?!' (; ;)

Wink~ Wink~


I think leopard print is becoming my favourite pattern lately. Almost everything is related to leopard print in my coordination today. (^^;)

I had a good time with my friends today and I even met my friend from Primary school! She was learning nail art and invited me to be her nail model for practice! :D I hope to meet her again soon~ (>w<)

Recently I've been going through lots of mental stress. A lot of things are changing and I am very tired of thinking of things like my future, relationships with people, religion and my own feeling towards many many situations. It's really exhausting but I know I have problems to solve. :( Sometimes it's as if I'm lost and I do not know what I want too. :( I tend to cry while thinking things lately. (; ;) I need some relaxation to clear up my thoughts and steer things straight. Sigh...

Well, anyways, will blog soon and more Purikura pictures to come! :)

See you soon~!


  1. Lovely photos! <3 Try to relax and unwind, dear. Don't forget to smile always! :-)


  2. Bisqui - Thank you!

    Joanna - Thank you. *hugs* :)

  3. cute!! I like your new hair color :3


  4. Amakura Reika - I didn't dye my hair! >w< It's the Purikura lightning effect > <

  5. You're SO adorable <3
    You just get prettier and prettier~
    sorry for not commenting in almost a year ! m(_ _)m

  6. Aww, these are cute pictures! I've always wanted to take some Purikura pictures, but I haven't yet >_< Anywa,s I like your shirt!


  7. You look so cute! : D I love your outfit!

  8. Wow! long time no see. I miss a lot your blog, and you look very pretty girl. Btw I post your interview u can watch it here:
    Sorry to keep u waiting I hope u enjoy it. Take care and kisses.

  9. your hair!!! hahah nice! :D :D

  10. So adorable
    there's almost no Purikura booth at my area(there was on at Queensbay last year but idk where the heck they'removed - -)(;_;)

  11. RoqqQ- Thank you! I don't mind if you don't leave a comment, but I'm happy that you're still reading my blog! :D

    Panda Ninja- Aww... You should try Purikura! It's really fun! :D

    Nana- Thank you!

    Pamelicious- Long time no see~ :P Thanks for posting it up! Will check it out. :)

    jilliancat- Hehe (^^) I'm waiting for your return then perhaps we can meet up and take Purikura too? :P

    ケイデンスーaka優希姫です- Aw... That's sad. I hope they get some Purikura machines again... :(