April 8, 2012

Purikura pictures with everyone!


Today I'm posting pictures of Purikura with my friends that I went out with the other day~! (^^) I guess this will be the last post of Purikura then I'll be writing on a review and about the outing. (^^;)

I don't know which of my friends decorated this but from here I am sure that everyone's going to be alright if we stick together since all blood types are present! (>w<) Hahahaha~

It was pretty hard for six person to squeeze into a picture and not let your head cut off... The machine chose this frame by itself and we couldn't squeeze in at all, hahahaha!!!

An almost perfect attempt... Except that I got my face blocked (> <)

Funny thing about Purikura is when everyone's eyes are enlarged and everyone seem to be wearing eyeliner. :P Also, some were very happy for the Purikura lightning washed off their pimple marks in the photos. (^^)

Everyone looked so cute though~ They should have Purikura machines around Bukit Bintang too! (>w<)

I guess this was the only picture where everyone's face could be seen... (^^;)

Shouldn't have done a weird face in this one though. :/

That's all I have for now. Hope to take more with my friends next time~ (^^)



  1. OOH!! I thought all of you had eyeliners! haha! it was just because of the machine! XD

    Btw, I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog.Hope you could join. You can win your choice of wraparound shades.


  2. Amakura Reika- Only some of us had eyeliner! XD That's why guys would look weird taking Purikura... (^^;)

  3. Aww. You girls are so cute!! :-D


  4. Joanna- Aww... Thanks! You're cute too! (^^)