March 13, 2012

Animax Carnival 2012


I'm back! My blog kinda went on a hiatus lately due to my busy personal schedule... I've been more active on Facebook lately so yeah... (._.')

Anyways, on Sunday I attended Animax Carnival which was held at One Utama. It's pretty much low scale since it's being held in a mall so there weren't many fascinating cosplays you see... Nevertheless, cosplayers gave their best so it wasn't too bad after all. (^^)

As usual, photos of cosplayers~

Had dinner with Naito Ryuu, Vivien and Ryukio. Vivien took this picture for me! I love it so much! :D

AFA is coming in June and I'm really excited about it. My problem now is to think of what cosplays I should do for both the day. (^^;) It's a big event so I want to do something special...

Will blog again soon!


  1. hi can i know where u buy your costume? TQ =D

  2. QwiEe Qumiko- It's tailored made (^^;)

  3. The anime con looks pretty nice! : D : D I love all the girl's wig. They must have spend so much time on it!

  4. some are really good! better than the german cosplayers haha

  5. Nana- It's not bad, considering the venue was in a mall... (^^;) But there are more ACG events which are better I think...

    Anhi- Really? :D Malaysian cosplayers are improving a lot throughout these years. :D Some are on par with Japanese cosplayers already! :D