February 4, 2012

How to sign up for a Galspop account!


Galspop.jp is Popteen and Popsister's official website. Normally, you can't access the extra goodies they have on the site, like watching behind the scenes videos. The website has a mobile site which has different contents compared to the PC site. In the mobile site, you are able to post up pictures of yourself, to get votes so that your picture will be published in Popteen. There are also other stuff like getting those some presents which they'll send over to your address, though I'm not sure whether it works yet since I have to wait and see if they arrive...

Anyhow, here's a tutorial in teaching you how to sign up for a Galspop account!

First you'll need to access the site (http://www.galspop.jp) with your smartphone. You need to be able to receive emails and open them in your phone at least.

At the bottom of the home page, there is a link with fuchsia highlight and two hearts on the sides. Click that to register.

You will see this page then. Scroll down until you see the second picture above. Click on the second link shown in the second picture. They will prompt you to mail them a message then.

You should see something like this. Just click send.

It takes a while for their reply to come. But here's what you'll see. There's a link attached in the email. Click it to go to the registration page.

Below's the format of the registration form translated.

~ Password
~ Password confirmation
~ Nickname
~ Gender
~ Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd)
~ Region (For this, I just randomly key in one of the states. I know I'm giving false information but that's the only way since the regions available to choose from are all from Japan)
~ Occupation (Primary, Middle school, High school, etc. The last one is 'Others')
~ Name (In Japanese. It doesn't matter if you key in Katakana. But no alphabets.)
~ Surname (Same thing as above)
~ Name in Katakana (Just key in the same thing, doesn't matter)
~ Surname in Katakana (Same thing as above)
~ PC mail address

~ Mobile version Mail Magazine (Yes, No)
~ PC version Mail Magazine (Yes, No)

When you're done keying in everything, click on the button below which would lead you to a confirmation page.

Check whether your details are correct then click on the button on the left. They will then send you a message confirming your registration.

And that's it! You can now enjoy the member goodies! :D

I'm also going to include another mini tutorial here on how to post your pictures to try to get into the ranking and get posted.

First, get back to the home page then scroll down till you see this.

There are two links here, the left one's (Post your picture now) and the right one's (See more). Click on (Post your picture now).

You should see this page now. There are many categories to post.
- Beautiful Pictures
- Stupid Pictures
- Deco Pictures
- Youth Pictures
- Purchase Pictures
- Pet Pictures
- Love Pictures
- Coordinate Pictures
- My Boom (Something which you are love currently) Pictures
- Etc. Pictures
- Diet Pictures
- Ikemen Pictures
- Before and After
- Cooking Pictures
- Room Pictures
- Handmade goods Pictures
- Weird face Pictures.

Click on the category you wish to post to. Let's say Beautiful pictures~

You will then see this page telling you that you cannot post pictures of famous people or models. At the bottom of the text, there's a link to click. Once you've clicked it, you'll be directed to compose a new message.

Under subject, type the title of your picture. In the message content, give a brief description of your picture. Then attach your picture from your phone. By the way, everything must be in Japanese!

So once you've send in your message, you will later receive a message from info@galspop.jp which tells you that your photo will be posted if nothing goes wrong. It takes a while to arrive so do wait for some while. By the way, the photo takes a LONG time to appear on the mobile site. Mine got posted up the next day...

There are some rules and regulations on your photo.

- You should not post your personal details. No email address, real name, house address, school name should be included.

- No pictures of models, pictures which are rated 18 above, lyrics etc.

- No website URLs

- No reposts (for those which are already shown in the mobile site).

- Please submit them in the correct category.

So once your picture is put up, you'll be able to see them under My Page. Which is accessible at the bottom of the page (The button with a ribbon bow).

Under My Page, scroll down until you see this. Click on the first link under the blue category.

You'll then be lead to this page where you can see your posted pictures. Somehow the Japanese keyboard I used made the text turned out to be rubbish... (- -) Sadly, I haven't got any likes!!!

To 'like' other's pictures, click on the picture's title where you'll be directed to a page where their photos are enlarged.

At the bottom of their photo, it writes their photo desciption and other details. Under this column, You;ll see how many 'like' they have got and their current ranking. If you like their picture, simply click on the 'good!!' button as to 'like' their picture. The more 'like's you get, the higher your photo ranking is. (Just like another of those pathetic Facebook competitions (- -)) By the way, YOU CANNOT LIKE YOUR OWN PHOTO.

So that's it for now. I hope you understood and Good Luck in signing up for an account! Leave me questions below if you don't understand or you have some difficulties. :)


  1. great tutorial, I always wondered how people got the pictures in popteen haha

  2. Doesn't work on my mobile cuz it doesn't seems to be the same(; ;)

  3. ケイデンスーaka優希姫です- (> <) Aww, that's a pity. :(

  4. (; ;) Anyway, this helps a lil. at least i know how to do so =w="