January 8, 2012

Last Trip of 2011

I have been slacking off from blogging recently until I realised that I haven't blogged in the year 2012 at all!!! Such terrible blogger I am... (._.)

There have been lots of things going through my mind. Thoughts about life, studies, social etc. Maybe I'm at the point where I trying to move a step up in life? Ah well, shouldn't be ranting now anyways...

Back to the topic, today's post will be on my last trip to Genting Highlands in 2011! Having been there almost every year since I was young, the highlight for this time's trip was because of Mizukitty. Well, that's because she actually came to Malaysia a few weeks ago AND went to Genting Highlands!!! Don't believe me? Here's proof~

These were taken from Mizukitty's blog post.

I *shamelessly* went to the exact location and took these pictures~~~ Ufufufufufu~~~

I can get pretty crazy when it comes to things I really like, hahaha (^^;)

That was my outfit for Day 1. Except that I ended up taking off those twintails... Mustard colour tights are very uncommon here and I got lots of comments of being weird. ( ; ;) I really love them though...

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: Sungei Wang
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Fahrenheit 88

On our journey up the mountain, it started raining. We thought it couldn't be that bad, after all it had been sunny for the past few days...

Who knows, the mist was terrible and the outdoor theme park was closed. (- -) What a letdown! It did open back up later the day, but we decided to spend the day indoors.

Pictures above were taken from a monorail ride which brings you outside to view the outdoor theme park. But it was obviously too foggy to take many photos. :(

Some shots of the indoor theme park.

Weather looking good as we went outside. But after two rides it started raining AGAIN.

Since we paid for the entrance tickets might as well enjoy ourselves as much as we could. So we ended up playing while raining...

Even though most of the rides were closed... :(

I think this was what caused me fever on New Years Eve. It was cold at first plus the rain and wind... I had to borrow my jacket to my friend's younger sister too as she didn't have a hood while it was raining. Everything added up and I got my stupid fever... (- -)

My best camwhore shot of the whole trip~! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

So after getting on the rides that were opened during the rain, we decided to walk around and visited a chocolate house. It was really cute and colourful, as if they ripped it out from one of those bedtime storybooks. Haha!

About 2 hours later the rain finally stopped and we finally get to enjoy the extreme rides. I was forced by my friends to ride on a roller coaster that turns 360 degrees. I closed my eyes throughout the entire thing.

Still! When I got back home I could still imagine the whole ride, when it falls, turns etc and the visual in my head alone made me sick. Why did I even agree on getting on that thing?! What was your worst roller coaster experience?

We pretty much left the theme park after that roller coaster ride and went home. I had lots of fun during this trip but happy moments past so it's time to come back to reality...

School started on Wednesday. It's my last year in high school now! I'm going to work hard and pass my final exam with flying colours!

It's getting really late now,

Will try my best to blog again!



  1. Aw~ so cute of you to do that ^^
    Wish I also had a friend like you to go to a place like this =^^=

  2. That's so cool,I didn't know Mizukitty went there also XD
    But looks like you had a wonderful trip,your pic is very cute also.

  3. Mel- Hehe. (^^)

    Sana- I was glad that I checked her blog a few days before the trip!

  4. Wow, nice Mizu kitty also went there ^ ^ Nice cordo!

  5. i love your makeup style!!! so very kawaii!!!

    ♡ whimsicalityindisguise.blogspot.com

    ***join my International Kawaii Sanrio 100 Followers Giveaway! (17 pretty items to be won~)

  6. whimsicalityindisguise- Thank you! I'm still trying to improve though (^^;)

  7. wtf,that i almost cannot believe she came here already :))