December 15, 2011

Vita Cosplay Make Up Test!


Thank you for all your wishes, I was enlighten by them! I feel much better now!

Today I did a make up test for my upcoming Vita cosplay! Although I might not get the wigs that I ordered on time, I managed to borrow a short one from Ally. I guess I might have to stick to that... Anyways, this post is just to show you my try on Vita's cosplay make up. I think I need to try again though... (._.)

I tried my best to create the Tsundere look Vita has... Hmm... I think it still looks too cute... (> <) Any suggestions?

And here I'm showing how short my Vita's pigtails are... They are suppose to reach her waist but this wig is short and I have to bear with it because of the delay with my parcel. (; ;)

I'm super disappointed right now... It's the second time I having such problem... I think I should go ahead and order them at the beginning of the year next time. (; ;)

That aside, I'm nearly done with my cosplay preparations! I'm really looking forward to this year's Comic Fiesta at KLCC (Convention Centre) at Hall 5 on 17 and 18 December. It starts at 10am but you can get your tickets at 9am.

I'm going to try my best and take as many photos as possible and upload them that night. (Trying to be superhuman again (^^;)) I understand as a cosplayer, you want to view your photos taken by others as soon as possible. Me too, you see, haha!

Well, that's it for now, I need to get my beauty sleep soon~ Teehee~



  1. OMG ! I just realize it that...your face kinda look like Ying from :

    But only that you are on the younger side, Ying is on the mature side. But both very pretty ! <3 :D

  2. Hehe i miss cosplaying. It's really fun! Love your makeup! I used to swipe blush over my nose area cause I heard from a fellow cosplayer it gives an anime look. Maybe you can try that sometime! :D

  3. XD so cute!! Gambatte~
    You should order your parcels at least a month or two before your cos :)

  4. Kioii- Thanks!

    momoi- Eh?! (O.O)

    charissa- Yes, it's really fun! Hmm... Maybe that's for the cute blushing characters. Vita is more of a Tsundere character... :/

    Naito Ryuu- Didn't expect to see your comment here, haha! I know that, and I will next time, ok? :D

  5. Ehh! You look so cute! ;-)