December 9, 2011



Why must I get sick a week before Comic Fiesta?! I feel so weak right now... My body aches and I'm so blur right now... (; ;) I haven't finish rushing for my cosplay yet, oh great...

I'm not really in the mood for blogging right now but I thought I should post something to keep it alive somehow. This blog is also my 'web diary' anyways.

Just posting two pictures I took some while ago. Extra pictures comes into good use at times like this~

I hope I can get well soon and have the energy to finish up the cosplay props and accessories.

That's for now, bye! (^^)


  1. Hayaku yoku natte ne! Get well soon!

  2. Cute pics <3 get well soon! ^^ *hug*

  3. Aw~ Hope you get well soon~ /-\
    I think I haven't seen u with lower lashes before, anyway, they just make you look extra cute =^.^=
    I really really like the first pic~

    Take care hoooney~~~ ^^

  4. I love your lower lashes ^___^

    get better soon hun <3

  5. lissy- Thank you!

    Joanna- Arigatou!

    Dalii♥- Aww... Thanks!

    AtomicNony- Thank you!

    Mel- But I wear bottom lashes in almost all my photos... Perhaps they aren't that visible since they are the straight types?

    Jenny- Thank you!

    Jen- It's Dolly Wink No.6 (^^)

  6. uuuhh~ cute overload ,,*____*,,
    love your hair! ,,>w<,,

    get well soon dearr~

  7. I'm going to Comic Fiesta too! Which character will you be cosplaying as?.w.

  8. ♥Vivin♥- Thank you!

    黑貓- Konata on day 1 and Vita on day 2 if my wig arrives on time...

  9. Get well soon k... Rest more!

    Btw, I like your first picture! Love the smile!

    ♡ M.May

  10. I hope you get better soon as possible! :D

    btw, you're so cute in those 2 pictures!!! ^w^

  11. U look very cute in those pics. I hope that is not a bad moment to ask this but I want 2 make a interview of u, u can reply me at my blog or at my e mail Get well soon.

  12. M.May- Thank you! I hope I can get well and smile like that again. (._.)

    Kioii- Thank you! :D

    Pamelicious- Will email you. (^^)

  13. Very nice blog ;) You are so cute! :)
    Greetings from Poland!

  14. Maii- Thank you!

    ankyl- You're from Poland! Thanks for reading my blog!