December 8, 2011

Tour Guide For A Day


A year ago, I blogged about Japanese High School Exchange Program at our school. This year, we were able to meet students from Shimada High School who came from Shizuoka, Tokyo, Japan again. It was an amazing opportunity since this time we get to bring them around Kuala Lumpur and be their tour guide of the day.

Different groups were assigned to different locations and each leader (which are students from Malaysia) has to take care of 4 to 6 Japanese. I was pretty lucky since I had my friend, Ally with me as her group had the same intinary as mine.

Jessie's group

Me and my group. Why were my eyes half closed?! (> <;;)

Most of our first stop was KLCC hence many of us met each other on the way there. I chat with Yuriko while we're walking through KLCC to Bukit Bintang and she was really surprised to see Japanese apparel brands like Uniqlo in Malaysia. I conversed in Japanese most of the time since they couldn't really speak English... (^^;)

We walked to Bukit Bintang along with Ally's group. There wasn't much time to bring them around the entire Bukit Bintang as they had to reach the hotel by 4pm to check out their luggages. So we only went Pavillion.

I had a good time learning about Japanese school girls' lifestyle and sharing how life is here to them. However, half of the things that they told me I had already knew... (^^;) I guess I'm too indulged with Japan...

We had lunch then head back to KLCC. Everyone went shopping by themselves so I went with Ally. As last year's exchange program was 1 to 1 or 2 to 1, hence I only prepared 1 gift. Damn... As such, we had to do last minute present hunt. I gave them chocolates, haha... (- -;)

Many groups rushed back to the hotel where they checked out their luggages. Email addresses were exchanged and farewell messages were wished. I took some photos with them but my scumbag camera takes blur pictures as usual. However, I didn't get their email address since, well, they forgot their own address... I guess stuff like this happens often, doesn't it? Just like phone numbers... But I gave them mine and they said that they'll mail me instead. (- -) Soon, we bid goodbye as they boarded the bus for their dinner then their flight home to Japan. Hmm... they should be on the plane by now...

Anyways, they gave us their name cards (Meishi) which were made by themselves. Some even got their drawings on them!

And here are the souvenirs (omiyage) they gave me. Lots of snacks and One Piece items! There were some origami papers, chopsticks, kaleidescope and fake Japanese money for kids, haha! Thank you so much! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

I had lots of fun today but my legs hurts so much right now after walking the entire day. I'm sensing that I'll be getting muscle cramps soon. (; ;) Still, I don't think I have ever spoken so much Japanese in a day! I could tell that my Japanese was improving since I could converse with them more than half of the time but I need to work hard and improve more so that I can express myself more. (^^)v

Hopefully they will have another event next year which I get to join as it'll be my last year in high school next year.

Sorry that I didn't take much pictures today since we were busy walking around all the time. (._.)

See you soon~!


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