December 2, 2011

Purikura fun!


Today Angel came over to my house and we had the chance to take Purikura together at the arcade center near my house. They have recently brought in a Purikura booth from Japan so I thought why not, since it's really hard to find Purikura booths in Malaysia.

It's my second time taking Purikura so I knew what to expect but for Angel it was quite shocking for her since there's the timer ticking and the machine takes pictures after another within seconds. Hence, you can see her half-closed eyes. (^^;)

This was the first Purikura. I was actually looking somewhere else but managed to pose when the camera flashes. *Me Gusta

Angel's eyes were closing since she didn't expect that it has started taking pictures.

Look at our huge eyes! Angel loved this photo since it washed out all her pimples. Haha!

Third Purikura. I decorated this. I'm not very good at decorating them yet, I need to practice more (^^;)

At this point, we get to choose another different set of frames and backgrounds. Then I thought, let's a pose like this! I often see it in Purikura pictures so I wanted to try this pose. Hehe. But I thing we were too far to the left. (._.)

This wasn't a really successful shot. We wanted more space so that we could take our picture with our hands spread out or something like that, but as you can see, it takes photographs in squares. Maybe it could take photos of rectangular shape, I'll try to explore the functions a bit more next time.

Last photo where we kind of panicked as we ran out of pose within 5 seconds...

Overall this Purikura booth called Pinky Girls was not bad. Although it only allowed us to take 6 pictures and all of them in squares... The background and the frames were not bad too. There were different lightning options to choose and different styles to choose from like Soft mode or Sharp mode.

As for the decorating part, the deco were not bad, but there weren't functions like changing hair colour, contact lens or adding false eyelashes. However, one good thing about this machine is that when no one is taking pictures inside, the timer for the decorating section would actually stop, which means you have unlimited time to decorate!

In terms of the picture quality, the eye enlarging effect was okay. You really need to put on make up so that your features won't be washed out. And no worries for people who has got acne problems since the lightning washed it, giving you that perfect skin.

Pinky Girls Purikura booth can be found at Jusco Wangsa Maju's arcade center. I'm not sure if they have it at other arcades, but you could check them out. It only cost RM10 for one play means it's even cheaper than the 400yen stated there. (^^)v

Anyways, what else can you do before taking pictures in a Purikura booth?

Camwhore with the awesome lightning! \(^^)/ Sorry for my super messy hair (> <)

Or, taking advantage of the green screen, take extra 'Purikura' photos and photoshop them later.

And that's it for now, hopefully I'll be going there again to take some more Purikura!



  1. Yay! So much fun. Well I love purikura, but I don't know if they exist where I live. But yeah I want to take purikura one day. Kisses.

  2. wish there were purikura booths around here.. T__T

  3. I wish there were some purikura machines where I lived. I can't seem to find any! You guys look so cute <3

  4. The puriukra machine owners in the city where I live will fine people if they catch them using digital cameras in the booth. I dont know why though.

  5. Pamelicious- Oh! It's really hard to find outside Japan. I felt really lucky when I found one!

    Nana- Don't worry, I'm sure you will be able to take some one day. :)

    キャセデイ- Where do you live? Maybe you can try asking around? Perhaps there are some hidden somewhere?

    Bisqui- Eh... I've never heard that before. But how do they know that someone is using their camera in there? Or maybe they don't want people to take their sweet time there while the others are waiting?

  6. You both know how to pose ;-; Hah I think I'd run out of poses if I ever try purikura~
    <3 Seriously u look so gorgeous on the pics u took

  7. Mel- Thanks! The first time I took I ran out of poses and just there and smile, lol!

  8. its cause they are stingy, if people take advantage of the nice lighting with their cameras nobody will end up paying to use the machine D=

  9. The pictures are nice, you both look cute! I want to try it someday!

  10. ankyl- Thank you!

    Bisqui- Hmm... That's true... I guess that's just their business strategy then...

    Jenny- Thank you! Do try it out! :D

  11. :D There's a lot of purikura booths where I live. ^^
    I live in Singapore. :)