December 19, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 Report~!


So here's my version of the largest ACG event of the year, Comic Fiesta 2011!

I arrived at 8.59am(Look at the time in the pic, lols) on Day 1 with my mom. Look at the queue of those lining up to buy tickets on the day of the event!

My mom was the second in line to collect the mock tickets for her friends' children. I didn't need a ticket since I got a free pass for being part of the blogger affiliate program~ Ufufufu~

I must say that I was really glad to obtain that pass otherwise I would've been stuck outside the hall most of the day.

As such, I got to go inside the hall before the event started. This year, the hall is even bigger than last year's location at Times Square. It might not look so since the crowd is even more packed than last year but it is, when you look at it before the crowd comes in (^^;)

The long line before Hall 5 was opened to public.

It was my first time witnessing the opening ceremony of Comic Fiesta since 2009.

For those who missed it, you can watch it in the video above.

After walking around for some time, I exited the hall with Sasure. Without knowing that you have to line up to get in again. The line was super long already around 11am. By that time I still didn't know that I could get in without lining up. (^^;)

Couldn't get in so I went and take picture of cosplayers then had lunch with the Hetalia group.

Then I thought, maybe I could try going inside the hall with my pass so I left them around 1pm to catch Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni's performance. And yes! I could go in WITHOUT lining up. I was super happy then quickly ran towards Hall 5 to catch their performance.

It was my first time watching professional Japanese singers performing. I enjoyed myself a lot! Their voice were absolutely beautiful! And they kept saying 'Terima Kashi' wich means 'Thank You' in Malay.

Here's a video of the autograph session with Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni which I missed. OTL But still, I got to go inside the VIP room where the Media peeps interviewed them. Will blog about it later. (^^)

I exited the hall and went to take more photos of cosplayers. It rained that day and I guess a lot of people went home since they couldn't enter the hall... I know that many are still blaming Comic Fiesta committee about the lockdown causing them to miss a lot of the stuff going on in Hall 5 but it was actually the KLCC management's fault for butting in with the crowd handling... (- -;)

I didn't stay to watch the Special Screening as I was super exhausted already and I had to finish up my prop for Day 2...

Day 2 of Comic Fiesta was much better. This time, Comic Fiesta committee took over the crowd handling and everything was going really smooth! They managed to clear up the queue by noon so it was a pleasant day for everyone.

I arrived at 10am but sat down in Hall 4 till 1.30pm waiting for Angel to arrive. OTL And because I had to take care of her prop, I didn't get to take picture of cosplayers... (; ;) And when she came, there were so many photographers and we were stopped by them all the time... Still, why can't I find any of my pictures?! (- -;)

I didn't enter Hall 5 on Day 2 and missed out the Lolita Fashion Show and Culture Japan which I very much wanted to watch... (; ;) Partially your fault you know, Angel (- -) Hence, no pictures of the stuff going on in Hall 5 on Day 2. (; ;)

Since next year I'm going to have my SPM (Major exam for secondary students) I think I'll keep my cosplays simple so I can have time to study and take more pictures of cosplayer. I hope I can get an DSLR by that time... I really love photography but my Nikon L19 disappoints me with grainy indoor photos. Urgh...

So that's it for my Comic Fiesta 2011 report! I have posted pictures of cosplayers in two previous posts. Below are the links~

Comic Fiesta Day 1 - Photos of Cosplayers
Comic Fiesta Day 2 - Photos of Cosplayers

Also, I've found several pictures of my cosplay~

Please send me my pictures if you have them!

There will be one last post on Comic Fiesta which is the interview with Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni. Will get it posted soon so please follow my blog and catch the latest updates! (^^)v

Good Night!


  1. Your cosplay is great <3 you look very well~ ^^

  2. Hi :)

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  3. Dalii♥- Thanks! But I think I need to fix the wig colour issue > <

    らすかる- For things like that, would you please email me at
    Thank you. :)

  4. That's look so fun!!
    I haven't gone to a comic/cosplay event in a while now.I don't know if the cosplay event there is similar to one in BKK,the place looks bigger,I think.

    Your cosplay is so lovely ^ ^

    btw,I've followed your blog,if it's ok pls come visit my blog sometimes.I'd be glad if you could follow my blog also.

  5. Sana- Aww... Over here it was really enjoyable. Althought there were some chaos this year... (^^;) It's the biggest venue they have rented so far, I guess you can say that it's pretty big. (^^)