November 3, 2011

Simple Coordinate

I can't express how much I missed blogging and how much I missed home!!!

There have been some family problems lately and we had to stay somewhere else to avoid some troubles. (._.) Staying over at my aunt's house isn't as pleasant as staying in my own house. Like it is said, 'There is no place like home. (^^)

Anyways, here's a delayed post I've been wanting to post for the past two days. I went out with Angel and Sasure not long ago and here's my outfit of the day...

One piece- Cotton On
Outer- Bought it long ago... (^^;)

I wanted to go for something simple as we were just shopping for some cosplay stuff. Tying my hair in a half ponytail somehow made me look very mature... (^^;)

Baskin Robbins ice-cream we ate that day. I bought Mint and Chocolate Chip while they shared Pomegranate.

We had Japanese food for lunch! I only ate two dishes of Sushi and a dish of Temaki. Somehow I don't eat large portions yet I gain weight so easily and take so much effort to shed them away... (- -)

When we were at Pavillion, it started pouring outside and we couldn't walk to KLCC. So I took the opportunity to check out Chatime which many people have been talking about. I had Pearl Milk Tea and it tasted okay.

Not much hauls that day though... We spent mostly on food that's why. (^^;) Oh, here's a picture of that day. (^^)

Recently my mom has been complaining that she doesn't like me with Tare Me (droopy) eyemake... She complains that I look very sad all the time... (._.;) What should I do...

Anyways, I celebrated my birthday and got some presents. I will blog about that soon. (^^)

Time for bed,

Good night!


  1. I miss eating sushi! :O Love your dress too!

    BTW, I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway! :

  2. you look just cute in the photos <3

  3. love your outfit and wowww all the food looks tooo yummmy~!! <3

  4. Awww, you look so cute I love your style. Ohhh I hope that all your family problems are resolved soon.

  5. You are so cute ^ ^ I love ice cream!

  6. nice dress (: ohh i miss cha time!! (-0-)!!
    hope you get all your problems sorted out!!

    CMPang x

  7. Marion ♥- Thank you! I will check out your giveaway! :)

    ♡desire♡- Hehe, thanks. :)

    Vyvy- Thank you! Lol, it's just normal sushi. Or were you viewing this when you're hungry? :P

    Pamelicious- Thank you! I rarely wear like this though... I don't know when it be resolved but I hope it's soon (> <)

    Nana- Thanks! What flavour of ice cream do you like?

    Mai- Which flavour would you recommend? Maybe I'll try it the next time I go there. :D