November 24, 2011

Short Update


I'm sorry for not being active in blogging recently (This is not the first time I'm saying this... Am I that bad with time management? (;A;)). I've been really busy with learning things that I don't even have time to sit down and relax.

I wanted to make good use of my 6 weeks school holiday hence I packed it up with tons of to-do list. Stuff like completing my cosplay costume, learning Japanese, learning how to sew etc.

During my short breaks I would watch Kamen Rider Den-O. Well, I've been on a Takeru Satoh craze recently... I wanted to watch dramas and movies where he starred in. Ehehe (^^;) I rarely get interested in male celebrities but somehow he just looked so cute and cool at the same time and that really caught my attention. *Fangirling*

Anyways, I'll try to post more tutorials or looks when my new contact lens arrives. I'm left with the not-so-obvious grey lens now and it doesn't look very dolly like so I don't really have the mood to do dolly looks. Sagepoyo~

Also, I need to keep in mind to do my room tour post soon and to create the new layout for my blog... Seems like I'm adding more stress to myself. *pokerface

I guess that's it for this short post, see you soon!


  1. that picture is so cute!
    if u don't mind me asking, how did you/are you learning japanese?

  2. Oreo- I'm self-studying Japanese. I get help online and through my friends who studies Japanese.

    mccandie- Thanks!