November 19, 2011

Puffy Eye Bags Tutorial~


Tokyo Kawaii TV which I was featured in has just been aired! I will definitely blog about it. But before that, I'm going to blog about the latest eyemake trend featured in Popteen December 2011.

Puffy eye bags brings out the cuteness and a smiling look. There are many ways of creating it. So I'm going to show you my attempt on creating the Puffy Eye Bags!


To identify where the 'eye bags' should be, smile big and you'll see it!

Here are the products I used to create the 'eye bags'. Kate Designing Eyebrow N Ex-5 and Sugarwhite (Top left corner) by M.A.C.

Once you've identified where you eye bags are, shade that part with Kate Designing Eyebrow N Ex-5. Since it's sort of a shadow, I would recommend you to use a tone for contouring. I mixed the lightest colour and the middle colour.

Next, highlight the puffy area with a highlighter or glitter. And that's it!

Here's a picture for comparison. Left side with the 'eye bags' and right side without. It's really easy to create it, isn't it? (^^)

I went and did that to my other eye too, and here's how it looks. It took me a while to get used to looking at myself with eye bags. But when you get used to it, it actually makes you look cuter and create a puppy eye look.

Why don't you try it out too? (^w~)v

So I was camwhoring and played with my fake glasses (I have perfect vision). Wait, why is everything in this post fake? Fake eye bags and fake glasses...

Anyways, you can see how this look will look like with glasses. I think it looks cute too!

Anyways, how many of you watched that Tokyo Kawaii TV episode where I was featured in?

I wonder when the video will be available online... I really want to download it and burn in into a CD so that I can watch it over and over again on television. I'm crazy and I know that but it's my first time appearing on TV, plus, NHK!!!

Oh, it will be on NHK world tomorrow too. Watch it, will you?! 8(>o<)8 Hahaha~

And that's it for now!

See you soon! (^^)v


  1. I literally just did a 'discussion' post on this haha XD
    I like your tutorial, it's really useful and you look so cute.

  2. OMG I'm so impressed with these I always wanted to have little asian eyes,(I have double ayelids) But when I noticed that asian people love doble eyelids I started 2 love my eyes because I feel lucky. Also I have the puffy eye bags and I also hete them but now that I read this post make me love my eyes more than I do. Thx 4 sharing this with us.

  3. bloomzy- I read your post. :) It's true that I was surprised at why they are trying to create such trend when people have been trying to get rid of eye bags since long ago... Maybe it's cute that's why?

    Pamelicious- Glad that you love your eyes. (^^) Eyes are the windows to our souls, so don't hate them, but like them as they tell others who you are. (^^)

  4. You are so~ cute >u<♥ thanks for the scans ^^

  5. LOL whyyyyy!!! I'm trying to get rid of my eyebags because they give people the feeling of "this person doesn't sleep enough" T.T

  6. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!
    I have really bad eye bags and I'm going to try this trick and see if it works out for me XP

  7. I want to try this..but I think ill just end up looking like I have dark circles under my eyes. ._____.
    Thanks for the tutorial though!!

  8. Dalii♥- No problem! (^^)

    jilliancat- Lol, don't ask me. :P I have no idea too, but I'm just spreading it out.

    Kiwi- I think this trick might help people with eye bags to feel more happy with who they are. (^^;)

    Angel- Aww... No problem. :)

  9. SOOOOOOOOO CUTE~~~ Puffy Eye Bags making u look even more cute <3
    Let us know when the episode is uploaded ~~~
    TAKE CARE <3

  10. Hmm? purposely create "fake eyebags"!?? is that the new make-up trend? lol should I happy or not cuz I have very big eyebags already, naturally! XD

    Oh I missed the episode! If you have it, can I get a copy of VCD too? I'll pay you, please. *puppy face* :3

  11. Mel- Thank you! I will! :D

    Cherish 유혜연 ♥- Yeah, I guess so. (^^;) I don't have it, maybe they'll send it to Cheesie and she'll upload it like the previous one? :D

  12. Here is a man's opinion. Puff bags are gross.

  13. msgundam2- Well, it could be to you... But if you're directing to girls, fyi, there are guys with eye bags too. :) Just saying, lol

  14. And im trying so hard to remove those eyebags of mine... Didn know they're in trend right now xP I love your DIY lashes!

  15. I love making my natural eye bangs pop a little more after seeing lost of Korean actresses have them. They look so cute!

  16. rukanightmare- DIY lashes?

    Julia- Yeah, a lot of them have eye bags! :D

  17. I take what I say back. It's not gross. But it does make the girls look like they need some sleep.

  18. girl, you look so adorable <33
    you look like Tsubasa! ;D

  19. just Jennifer :3- Thanks! (^^)