November 29, 2011

New layout preview~!


I've been working on the new layout lately and hopefully I'll be able to solve some super confusing html codes. Everything from background, header, fonts, colours, themes and more are going to be changed so this is really challenging as I had to gogle every single step. And to be honest, it's not easy at all...

Well, since I'm working on it, I might as well show you some progress I have made~

Here's the new watermark logo I created. It was inspired by those stamps you get on passports. (^^) I wanted something different from other blog's watermarks so I thought this would look nice.

Here is part of the header pattern. I couldn't find a template which I like online so I actually drew it out myself, scan it then photoshopped it. What do you think?

Lastly, I made a lace pattern which I hope will be possible to put it into the layout. I still can't figure out how yet though... (^^;) I actually scanned a present wrapper with this pattern then photoshopped and made it into a photoshop brush. (^^)

Well, that's it for now. By the way, is there anyone who knows how to deal with blogger layouts? I need any possible help. (._.)

See you then~!


  1. Really nice ! I love the watermark logo (:

  2. wooooaa sure the new design will be very beautiful *-*