November 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita and Sweet Punk Photoshoot

I'm finally finished with editing pictures from the Lolita photoshoot which I did with Angel and Sasure a few days ago. I couldn't wait anymore for them to send their pictures over so I'll just show you what I have now...

First of all, here's a video posted by Sasure of our photoshoot. I don't think the pictures are edited here so you can see how they were like before editing... (My face looks big in some picture. *Desperately wants to slim down*)

As you can see, she has complied three of the photoshoot themes in the video. I hoped you enjoyed watching. I loved it myself and I think that she did a good job in creating the video. (^^) Gokurosama deshita~

Perhaps you'll see some repeating photos in the video and this post later since I've only got some pictures from Angel...

Anyways, let's start with Sasure's Gothic Lolita!

Close up.

Sasure looks really cute, don't you think so? (^^)

As for me, I wore a Sweet Punk dress since only these two dresses were available. Hopefully I pulled it off well...

What do you think? Eyemake for this look is cat eye. I used purple and black eyeshadow then lined my eyes and wing it upwards at the end. As for eyelashes, I used Daiso's half lash and cross type bottom eyelash.

I think I'm still quite still with my pose so I was jumping around during the shoot to soften myself up. (> <) Do let me know what you think!

Well, I guess that's it for now.

See you! (^^)v


  1. Oh my gosh, gorgeous!!!! Loving every photo!!

  2. Last photo look like some CD cover ^^ Great.

  3. Cool video. I love your outfits. Sasure looks cute and gothy and you look sweet. I like the 4th pic of Sasure and the last picture of you.

  4. Vyvy- Aww! Thank you!

    jilliancat- Lol, seriously? (^^;)

    Jenny- The outfits all belongs so Sasure. (^^) But I was really happy to be able to try wearing clothes like this.