October 30, 2011

Halloween Look: Sweet Angel


Finally posting up the second look for Halloween. There'll be one last one soon. (^^)

So after the previous look on Sexy Devil here's the opposite of that look, Sweet Angel.

For this look, I want to create a clean, innocent, gentle and kind look just like an angel. (^^)

For eyebrows, try to draw them as straight as possible for that innocent puppy eye look.

Using Sugarwhite by M.A.C, apply it all around your eye area. Both top and bottom. Then blend it out so that there isn't any harsh edges.

Next, apply Antique by M.A.C on the outer corners of your eye. Both top and bottom too. Blending it into the white and also blending it outwards to soften the look.

For highlighting, take Phloof! by M.A.C and apply onto your brow bone, center of your eye and the inner corners. This helps brightening your eyes while creating a 3D illusion.

Using a brown eyeliner, line your eyes and wing it slightly at the ends. Then line 1/4 of your bottom eye area.

Curl lashes and apply false lashes. I used a straight type eyelash for both top and bottom. Try to keep it as natural as possible. If you have brown false eyelashes, use them as they'll look even more natural. (^^)

For the rest of the look,

Apply pink blusher onto your cheeks. I used Rose Quartz (as usual (- -)) by M.A.C. Then, highlight your cheek bones using some glittery eyeshadow or highlighter. For me, I used Sugarwhite by M.A.C. You can try using a purple blusher or eyeshadow to brighten up your complexion. I used Digit by M.A.C.

As for the lips, choose a nude pink colour as it'll create a sweet look. (^^)

And you're done!

I rarely take photos from the lower angle but since my hair is poofy in this look, I could do that without my face looking big. Haha!

Do you like this look? (^^;)

I'm still rushing to clear off delayed posts. It's clearing off quite fast so hopefully I have time to post other interesting stuff too. Hehe.

However, do request for any tutorials as I might be able to do them during the year end holidays. (^^)

Well then,

Good Night!


  1. I love that natural looking make~
    Pic from lower angle is success ^^ I like it.
    Oh 0.0 by the way, how can u take such clear & good quality photos? ;-;

  2. You've always been a sweet angel... ^^

  3. uwaaah!~ How did you do your hair here? >3< It's so pretty and Mori-gal like!~

  4. You look cute! I like your hair.<3

  5. Mel- Thank you! Hmm... I'm using Nikon L19 all the time. It's not a very good quality camera but it's managable. All photos are edited slightly to make them look better. Still, I think capturing the angle needs lots of practice too and I'm still working on that. Hehe

    Akiko- Aww...<3

    ♥YuiiNyan♥- I used a straightener! :D Just simply heat it in a zig-zag way from the root till the tip. I hope you understand... (^^;)

    Nana- Thank you. (^^)

    Jenny- Haha, thanks!

  6. тainтed мeмories.- Thank you!