October 28, 2011

Halloween look: Sexy devil

I know! I know! Halloween is just three days away and I'm super late with this post. Still, I really want to create some looks for this year's Halloween. (^^)

Personally I don't 'celebrate' Halloween since there isn't much of that influence over here. Some people might not even know what Halloween is in Malaysia. But I know since it's on my birthday. Teehee~

Anyways, the first look I created was a Sexy Devil look. It's my first attempt so I hope it looks ok. I don't look like the usual me at all but I think that's what Halloween is about, isn't it?

We're going to the eyemake tutorial first before I'm going to show you the completed look. A surprise. Hehe~

There's some eyeshadow on my eye already since I did this tutorial after I came back home after some errands with my parents.

First I lined my eyes. For the flicks and the tapering I used a liquid eyeliner. As for the rest of the lining I used a pencil eyeliner. Remember to line your waterline too! A gel eyeliner would be preferable but I had to implify since I don't have it...

Thick eye lining makes my eyes look single eyelided. Don't worry, we'll fix that soon. (^^)

Next, using Hepcat by M.A.C, apply it all the way up to your crease. Then, flick up the outer corner and blend the colour well.

Apply Bistro by M.A.C along the lining in the middle from the outer corner. Flick it up slightly at the ends. Then, apply it on the eyelid crease to deepen the eye eyelid fold. If you have Asian eyelids like me, just apply it higher than your original eyelid fold. If you have Caucasian eyes, you can just apply it onto your crease.

For the bottom eye area, go over the bottom eye lining with Bistro too and slightly blend it out.

Using Phloof! by M.A.C highlight your brow bone and the center of your eye.

Here comes the trick to let your eyelid folds look more obvious. Apply eyelash glue onto the part where you previously created a higher eyelid fold then let it dry for about 20 seconds until it gets tacky. Then, using a Y stick, push your eyelids so that they stick together at where you created the higher eyelid fold.

You can reapply the Bistro at the new eyelid fold too if you thick that it doesn't look deep enough.

Lastly, curl your lashes and apply generous amount of mascara onto both top and bottom lashes. I used a half lash on the outer corner.

Here, I also deepen my eyebrows to intensify the look.

Eyemake is done! I chose not to wear circle lenses since I wanted to see whether this look looks nice without it. But you still can wear them. (^^)

Now onto the rest of the look~

I shaded my nose with a darker tone to really sharpen it and create an illusion of a high nose bridge. However, if your nose bridge is considered as a high one, you don't need to use such dark tone.

As for the cheeks, you can try sucking in your cheeks and apply a deep colour blush on where is 'sucked in'.

For the lips, I used Sheerplum by M.A.C. For an alternative look, you can apply some black on the outer corner of your lips then apply red lipgloss over your lips. This creates a darker look. (^^)

And that's it! I didn't have devil horns as props so I used bat wings instead. Haha!

What do you think? I myself thought that 'This is not me' when I looked into the mirror. I don't usually taper my eyes in my normal eyemakes so this really made my eyes looked super different.

Is this devilish enough? Next look would be on and angel look! Yay~!!

And that's it for now. I'm going to post up photos from my recent trip soon~

See you!


  1. very sexy look ;) Also. i think you meant to say improvise not implify? >.<;;

  2. Jen- Yes! That's the word I'm looking for! (>w<)v

  3. You usually look so cute so I didn't think it would look devilish but you do! I will have to try it.

  4. i think you should do this style more often! it really suits you ~

  5. Jenny- Thank you!!! X3 I hope it turns out well for you too!

    Cia- No no no no no! I wouldn't want to look devilish all the time > <

  6. nice tutorial!! great blog also ^^