October 28, 2011

Drown In Fluffiness

Three days ago I went for a trip with my family and some friends of our family to Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi). I had lots of fun taking pictures there as the scenery was awesome and there were so many cute bunnies hopping around at the Rabbit Farm! I'm splitting the post on the trip into two parts as there's just too many photos for one post!

So for the first post, it'll be on bunnies~! I love them so much!!!

A random picture of flower near the Rabbit Farm. I love this picture, haha~

Me petting a bunny!

Gosh, they were so fluffy that I could do that the whole day, stroking their fur as they lay there enjoying free massage. Haha! I also understood why people buy rabbit fur since they are so fluffy~

Bunnies kissing my hand. Shiawase~

I'm actually feeding them but still it's really nice to have bunnies nomming food on your palm. Hehe

Bunnies kissing one another. Aww~!!

My first time seeing bunny with 'moustache'. It's cute but then they stick up dirt from the ground...

My mom was telling me that bunnies sort of resemble hamsters but I didn't believe it until I looked back at this picture. See that bunny on the top left corner?

Do you know white bunnies are actually albino bunnies? That explains their white fur and red eyes. (^^) I only got to know when I was searching about albinos the other day...

My mom said this is a bunny version of me. See the 'false eyelashes'? It was the only bunny with those 'lashes'!

Although we weren't supposed to hug the bunnies or carry them around, somehow we managed to sneak this shot while the caretaker wasn't around. I want to do that like my brother did to that bunny... 8(>w<)8

But it looks like it was screaming for help... (^^;)

Well, at least I was able to hug it. Hahaha...

Some new friends I met during the trip. They are actually sisters to my brother's friend. Can you believe that the tall girl is actually a year younger than me? I feel like a midget (; ;)

And that's part one. Next part will be on the French Village and Japanese Village!

Going to sleep now. Let me dream of bunnies please~! Hahahaha!

Oyasumi (^^)v


  1. Awwww!! The bunnies are so fluffy! I wanna sleep on them LOL. Hopefully that didn't sound too weird.
    And omg that one with the lashes... first time I've seen a bunny with lashes O_O. I think you should take that one home haha

  2. OH MY GOD~~~ So cute bunnies ;-;
    U look so gorgeous in the pics ^^"

  3. Kiwi- Lol, that didn't sound so weird, haha! They're just TOO cute! > < If only I could bring it home, hehehe

    Mel- Thank you! But I think the bunnies look better than me :P

    domokun- Haha, thanks!

  4. They're all so cute! I've never seen a bunny with long black lashes o___o
    I used to have an albino rabbit too, I miss that little thing >w<

  5. YOUR BROTHER IS SO CUTE! no pedo* lool aww the bunnies look so cute too Dx

  6. alycie- I know right! I used to have two albino bunnies to but then one died of haze and the other one got stolen D:

    тainтed мeмories.- But he's really naughty!!! :P

  7. Super cute! I like the picture of your brother hugging the bunny.