October 29, 2011

Candy Doll Make Up Book Scans


Like I've promised, here are the scans for Candy Doll Make Up Book. You can get the book when you buy over RM100 at Sasa outlets in Malaysia. (^^)

I know some of you have been asking me to post it up soon so I hope you enjoy reading the scans! The make up book comes in both English and Chinese so I hope you understand the instructions. (^^)v

Finally finish posting up the scans!

Will be blogging late at night, I have too much posts to clear off... (^^;)

See you~


  1. MWAAAAAAAAAAAaaa....NEKONYAN~ (hoho Neko~nyan~)BIG thanks to you for posting this, omg this is super helpful, I start to love gyaru style tho <33 recently got my very first dolly wink product. Hope to see more of your post :D

  2. I wonder is there any eye make-up part in the book? thanks :D

  3. Rindodo ♥- No problem! It's helpful to me too, haha! There isn't any eye make up in this book since Candy Doll doesn't have products like eyeshadow, eyelashes or eyeliners. :( But there are mini tutorial inside the Dolly Wink packaging.

  4. тainтed мeмories.- No problem. :)

  5. Thanks for the scans!<3
    I am not that good at doing make up.
    I sure this will help!

  6. Jenny- I hope it helps you too! I posted this up since I know many would want to know how to do make up well. (^^)

  7. Thanks so much for the scans! They were really helpful with the english instructions!

  8. Abbie- Sure! I had to read the english instructions too since my chinese isn't that well. Haha