September 5, 2011

Vita cosplay update!


I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday even though I said I wanted to... m(_ _)m I had to finish up my holiday homework. (- -) I'm such a last-minute person...

Anyways, today I finally went to the tailor for my measurements to be taken for my Vita cosplay outfit!

Have you ever tailor made any costumes before? Somehow I get really embarrassed when people start measuring my size. I'm afraid that they will know that I didn't grow or I grew at the wrong places... Fats, I mean. (-///-;)

Here I'm showing you the sketch I drew to show the tailor how it should be. Tomorrow I might be going to buy some cloth after school! I'm so excited for this cosplay!

I'm going to make this cosplay awesome with limited resources. Wish me luck! (^^)v

I know it's a short post but I'm really behind with my revisions for finals. I want to blog too... (;^;)

Well, see you soon~!


  1. Dont forget to snap pictures when you get your costume! ^^ Cant wait to see!

  2. $moke ♔- Hmm... I guess you'll only see the full look during Comic Fiesta in December~ Ehehe. I want to save it for the best. (^w^)

  3. aww the dress looks cute =3
    take some pics when you're done. i have a feeling it will suit you =')