September 19, 2011

An unfortunate situation in the train

Today it was really crowded in the train! Just as I found somewhere to hold onto in the train, a fat lady came and held it too. Then, she leaned her body towwards the pole!! I was terrified as her belly squished my hand on the pole... (> <) When she finally moved away from the pole, I quickly pull my hand back...

I really hate situations like this when I'm taking the train. It's really freaky! Has it ever happened to you before? What are your bad experiences in the train?

By the way, what do you think if I post up posts like this on days when I'm busy? Is it interesting to read? (^^;) Please let me know!

Well then,

See you~


  1. it's a funny kind of post :D I totally like it

    I have had a lot of misadventures on trains... =.=

    I remember once in particular...

    that was a saturday afternoon, I had to move to my boyfriend's house. I sat near the window, 5 minutes later came a boy with a covered basket and sat beside me. the boy started to talk with me and said that in the basket something alive was lying lazily...
    that sentence shocked me O_O especially if you consider that I had no way to escape: in front of me there were 2 seats, at my left side there was the window and the right side... well... the crazy boy. I was afraid about some animal like a reptile o similar... oh my ._.

    he stared into my eyes all the time O__O that was absolutely the worst experience on the train.

    ps: there was a bunny in the basket =.=" and the boy tried to beg for money letting any girl pat the animal...

  2. it's so interesting though. I've never ever take a train before.ahaha..but I do hate crowd>.<

  3. Lilith- I have more interesting encounters too in the train. (^^)

    It's really scary when strangers talk to you. Plus, trying to show you something mysterious... (O_O)

    My scariest + worst moment was when a few guys surrounded me and was trying to flirt with me. (> <;;)

    Lina Kim ♥- Eh?! Not once? I hate crowds when it's stuffy and hot. But in cold places, I don't mind. Hehe...

  4. what a horrible experience...

    a girl have to be careful in any moment :(

  5. I hate it when people lean against the poles and monopolise the whole thing D:<

    The comic is cuteeeeee! More of your cute comic strips please~ :3

  6. haha i always have this kind of situation in the train! it gets terrible during summer though haha ♥

  7. Lilith- Yeah, but it helped me to increased my awareness when I'm out. (^^)

    ELEAN♥R- Yup! Especially when it's really crowded yet the person leaning at the pole still doesn't realise what they're doing... (- -)

    тainтed мeмories.- That sounds bad... ( > <) I usually prefer trains with a less people. (^^)

  8. ive never walked in a train... it must be... nice...?

  9. Akiko- It's nice for the first few times. But when you're taking the train almost everyday from and to the same station, it gets boring after a while...

  10. Oh God! Be careful when using public transport~~~

    I always like your posts ^-^ So this one ( even without pics of u) is nice & funny

  11. Mel- Aww... I've been really busy lately that I don't even have time to put on make up... and I'm not going anywhere to shop untuil the finals are over (; ;) Stucked in NerdJail(TM)