September 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Inspired Look!


I've been really busy with school lately till I didn't even have the time to update anything... (; ;) I fall asleep soon after I reached home and wake up in the middle of the night. School is so tiring that I feel like skipping it almost everyday. But I kept telling myself to hang on as there's just one more year left. (;^;)

Pushing those rants aside, I realised that I have not blogged for days! So I tried my best to squeeze in a post even though I'm still not done with my piled up homework...

Here's the eyemake for this look!

For this look, I tied two ponytails and teased them. I also added a ribbon as it's Hello Kitty's signature accessory!

Kitty Nyan~

I hope I have more time to blog... But with the coming finals, it doesn't seem so. Finals are really important to me so I might have to delay several post.

Nevertheless, I'll try my best to keep my blog alive for the next few weeks until the finals are over. And then, I'll be able to concentrate on blogging and getting my cosplay ready!

I guess that's it for now. (^w^;)


  1. So you are form 4? Wow doesnt looks like. C: I think redder blush will make this whole look looks cuter and more hello-kittish! Just personal opinion. You look really cute in this! C:

  2. those lashes are lush! & you look nice on the last pic! =)

  3. $moke ♔- Yeah, I think so too...

    тainтed мeмories.- Aww... Thanks! I rarely use them. They are Kiss Me eyelashes. (^^)

  4. awe, HK inspired~ how cute ^^ I love the falsies, so bold and glam =D

  5. Hello Kitty would be very proud~

  6. You look so cute♥♥
    Good luck with school~!!

  7. You are so cute! Love the inspired look and the lashes you used ^^

  8. Omg, you're so cute.. haha reminds me of Hello Kitty and the Lucky Cat ^^ <3 Love the lashes, they look so pretty & soft!

  9. Cho kawaii!!! >:D<

  10. Lina Kim ♥- Thank you! I guess I should use them more often then...

    Mie- Aww... <3

    Bommiiee- Thank you! I will do my best! (^^)v

    Rinny- I will try to do more inspired looks when I have more time. (^^)

    Jen- Hehe! I hope that I'm as lucky as Lucky Cat, lol! Well, the lashes are harder than my other lashes actually... ( > <)

    Joanna- Sankyuu~!

  11. wear this hairstyle out, it really suits you a lot. :) bcos you have the cute look ^^

  12. jilliancat- Thanks! Hmm... Maybe I'll do this hairstyle when we meet up after you come back from Scotland. (^^)

  13. You look so cute! I love how natural you always look.

  14. Jenny- Thank you! This look was more 'natural' since I didn't use bottom lashes. Haha!